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  • Grouper Call 12-July-2017
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Grouper Call 12 July-2017

Chris Hyzer, U. Penn (Chair)
Carey Black - tOhio State Univ.
Jim Fox - University of Washington

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

New Action Items

 [AI] (Chris) Extend CSS (add list of files), don't see the equivalent for JS (we can do that)

[AI] (Carey) send Chris the FROM and TO of changes he made 
[AI] (Carey)  send Chris specific example of hook based on attribute and menu to add that attribute?

Action Items
[AI] (Shilen) look at  Scott Koranda issue of occasional failure of loader job with include/exclude. Should we have a fixer script for this?
[AI] (Shilen)  Grouper upgrade does not see stems
[AI] (Chris)  Display cron schedule on loader list
[AI] (Chris) PageSize and PageNumber to getMemberships
[AI] (Chris) Attestation bug and feature request
[AI] (Chris)   UI bug with repeated “type”
[AI] (Chris)  Timeout for LDAP loader default (10 seconds)?  Why silent failure?
[AI] (Bert) create wiki page with proposal for addressing GRP-1533 on commas
[AI] (Chris) ask Misagh about Grouper and github and build process; it tries to autobuild the repo and is failing (Next step is to remove the gibhub build process or just the SCIM portion? Chris will do more follow up)
[AI] (Carey) provide specific info on pages on Grouper wiki that need updating (DONE, thanks Carey! )
Remaining issue is around improving doc on UI customization approach moving forward
[AI] (Chris) edit LDAP loader in UI fails when legacy group type doesn’t exist (DONE, Chris will email)
[AI] (Chris) GRP-1489 pull request (DONE, Chris will email)
[AI] (Chris) reply to Brigitte about MyServices in newUI and mask branches
[AI]  (Chris) WS LDAP authentication
[AI]  (Chris) remove privileges from groups (Akki Kumar)
[AI] (Bert) survey Grouper list on ldaptive /VTLDAP config strings issue [Email done, responses received, need to summarize into wiki]
[AI] (Chris) to look at PSPNG status page to see if patch works
[AI (Bert) document the findings somewhere on wiki on Grouper and openldap for large groups
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Chris Sutherin UMBC on pspng examples [Bert to reply]
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Scott Koranda about massaging group names in provisioning
[AI] (Bert) reply to Shaun K about name null in pspng
[AI] (Bert) to reply to Peter St Onge
[AI] (Bert) Jeffrey Crawford email 1/12, full sync missing members
[AI] (Bert)  Scott Koranda email 1/12, error on change log consumer psp
[AI] (Bert) email the list about (a small) Office365 versus Dropbox and next PSP project
[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia


Note: this was a shortened call due to low attendance

Current work tasks
·Vivek – Messaging strategies
• AWS messaging and implementing Grouper messaging interface

• Sent question on ActiveMQ

·Chris –patches, deprovisioning
• Working on paging

• Working on attestation

• Will work on Action Items

Bert – PSPNG
Shilen –GSHNG
• Making progress and there’s a patch in test mode

• Can set property to allow test patches, be sure all works w the Groovy shell


Bill – TIER Grouper deployment guide

 Issue roundup
Resourcing Grouper project
• Part of TIER planning

• About 2 FTEs currently

• Could envision more to get work done on provisioning and UI and answering questions on the list

• Suggestion that Grouper doc could be greatly improved

• Suggestion that Grouper and Shib should try to work better together to help the community

• Both are primarily Java environments, but not using uniform standards, not documented in similar ways, don’t have uniform containers, tomcat versus jetty,

• If there is not going to be an effort to harmonize tools, it would be good to explain the reasons for discrepancies (such as using Tomcat or jedi) in the documentation.

• Noted that TIER architects group is trying to do some harmonization.

Ohio State University Support Issues
• Branding the UI for tOSU

◦ Figured things out, need to vet approach, document

◦ ◦ [AI] (Chris) Extend CSS (add list of files), don't see the equivalent for JS (we can do that)
◦ Needs to alter the commonHeader or commonFooter (and index page as well), because of how the footer worked.  (insert some CSS in common header).  Changed the index for the mast head (top of html body).

◦ [AI] (Carey) send Chris the FROM and TO of changes he made 
• Menuing structure is awkward

◦ Under given branch, allow a group to create a high level folder, and have that folder create a folder structure underneath it

◦ Create a hook based on attribute to do a special thing

◦ Menu to add that attribute (get metadata)

◦ ◦ [AI] (Carey)  send Chris specific example of hook based on attribute and menu to add that attribute?






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