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  • Grouper Call 12-Aug-2015
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Notes: Grouper Call of  Wed., August 12, 2015




Shilen Patel, Duke, stand in chair

Tom Barton, U. Chicago

Jim Fox, U. Washington

David Langenberg, U. Chicago  

Gail Dunmire, Penn State

Vivek Sachdeva, independent

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


New Action Items - from Aug 12 , 2015


[AI] (Dave) look at PSP replace attribute issue.


[AI] (Emily) look for the doc on priv inheritance (update: found this page, may or may not be helpful )



Carry Over Action Items


[AI] (Chris) document JNDI and paging on the wiki




Update on New Grouper Team Member to replace DaveL

-Still in the works


 Issue roundup


Read-only and view-only admins:


Done by Chris, Shilen found one issue on Admin UI



Google connector:

    now in Github


Loader display name change:

     Done by Vivek




USDU improvements:


if source not reachable it deleted memberships

there was no failsafe on how many it deleted

Shilen adjusted code and created a patch


Tom: what about a stateful approach to removing unresolvable Subjects? Eg, if not resolvable over a long enough period, then automatically remove. Everyone thought this is a *great* idea. :-)


Tom: what about a process for removing stale memberships?

What about memberships going away based on dynamic membership expiration criteria or signal?

Jim: this could be too complex and institution specific to handle within Grouper?

Gail: could it be in a config file  to delete a membership after X days ?

Shilen: some of this can be done through rules




Show friendly error if importing an old xml export to grouper 2.2:




Grouper Processing Speed

Chris responded to this one




PSP – replace attribute rather than delete + add


may just be a constraint of SPML.

[AI] (Dave) look at PSP replace attribute issue.




Privilege inheritance that cannot be changed by admins


Shilen: solve by a hook that can be configured?

Emily look for the doc explaining why priv. inheritance works as it does

[AI] (Emily) look for the doc on priv inheritance



TIER update


Tom reported that work on TIER architectural  planning is ongoing:

  • Continued action on finalizing requirements

  • Discussion on working group activities to start soon

  • Hope for bidirectional communication with TIER investing community


Update on Grouper at PSU


Gail: PSU is using Grouper for

1. access management for CPR (Central Person Registry)

2.  building access, including deprovisioning

3. Gail plans to update Community Contrib page


Grouper BOF at 2015 Internet2 Technology Exchange

Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015, 12:30pm-1:30pm 

Next Grouper Call: Wed. Aug. 26 at noon ET



Grouper wiki: 


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