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  • Grouper Call 10-Aug-2016
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Grouper Call  Aug 10, 2016

Attending: Shilen Patel, Chris Hyzer, Bert Bee-Lindgren, Emily Eisbruch, Jim Fox, Misagh Moayyed, Bill Thompson

Action Items

[AI] (Chris) Configure sources.xml as properties file, not done

[AI] (Chris) work on ehcache xml (currently in progress)

[AI] (Shilen) Work on  rules and effective memberships (Jira recently opened)

  • Put this in 2.3.1 or 2.4?

  • Shilen will decide - Shilen will start working in master

  • There will be some data  migration involved

    • Need(?) Another check-type created and migrate to it

  • For example: Veto if not eligible

    • Two choices

      • Rule in Transaction

      • Rule in Changelog

        • No user feedback

        • User would be added and then removed

  • Discussion result: Shilen to look at shorthand methods that should be changed and bring back information next call

[AI]  (Bert) respond to inquiry on Grouper-Users list on June 30  re pspng error,

[AI]  (Chris)  Add to jira or roadmap and talk to Bert and John Gasper re Rules on an individual’s membership),  

[AI] (Bert) Put these in jira: Grace Periods, Membership Rules, People/Account subjects

[AI] (Misagh and Chris) work together on merge of multiple web.xml files for the gradle work (keep it)

[AI] (Misagh) create JIRA about patches and directories created during install (done)

[AI] (Bert) Create patch for case-sensitivity issue 

[AI]  (Emily) switch Chris’s  Camtasia licence  from PC to MAC (keep it)

[AI] Bert and GT team will look at the Grouper Deployment Guide authored by Columbia U , and Bill Thompson, and see how to share the helpful info in it

[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) create Grouper-training videos. wiki has details on how to do the videos.

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia



2. Current work tasks

Vivek – TIER API

  • Progress being made, was presented at a TIER call

  • Can do a SCIM Group CRUD operation

  • Will be working on handling memberships and subjects

Misagh - gradle

  • Misagh needs help from Chris to figure out a few issues

  • Possibly another 3 months of work on this

Bert – PSPNG

  • Working to get into JIRA

  • Is PSP NG in production anywhere yet?

  • Not sure, but it  will be in prod within a month at GA Tech

  • interested in PSPNG with AD

    • Bert is available to help with PSPNG with AD

  • PSPNG at Penn doc

Chris – patches, new WS call for Brown, config overlays

  • Working on PSPNG at Penn

·         Shilen – Patches

  • Rules and effective memberships

  • Patch on child stems


  • TIER Grouper Deployment Guide   - Bill Thompson

  • Goal is to have future Grouper deployments look more alike.

  • Mailing list is 

  • Suggestion to use the alternate week Wed noon ET timeslot (the weeks Grouper-dev is NOT meeting)  Then could use same phone bridge as for Grouper calls

·         Instrumentation 

  • Shilen working on this   


  • Levvel IO (consultant) working on it

  • Direction is to have a package for UI web service, and loader that is a docker container

·         Grouper Provisioning: Locally and Cloud talk at TechEx in Miami  

  • 9/26/16 10:20AM-11:10AM

Bill will be a speaker at this talk along with Bert and Chris

[AI] Emily add Bill to the speaker list (done)

4. Issue roundup

·         CSRF issue Imholz, [New version of tomcat fixed this]

·         Michael Gettes loader issue

·         Browse groups 1.6 (not supported)

·         Web Service for external users [Done, create, search, delete]

·         LDAP load groups and users with custom EL class [Example on wiki]

·         VIEW privilege on STEM bug fix patch from Shilen

·         Grouper-ws default url not known [AI]

·         Team Collaboration Tool: Migrate from hipchat to slack (at some point)

·         Pspng at penn

·         Pspng build [AI/Jira- Bert]

·         Default “etc” folder in institution configured in one place

·         Auckland contrib

·         Comparing commits is done [!]

·         Patching and upgrading source dirs.

·         Neha from MD and roadmap

·         Audits, security, web service, privilege

·         Delete wiki Grouper_old-no-longer-users (This is now done, Emily will forward info to Chris on this)

·         Task to fix PIT and grouperset objects and such ongoing and fix bad memberships ets [post-instrumentation work]


Internet2 Tech Ex in Miami

  • Grouper BOF at Tech Ex in Miami

Tuesday 9/27/16 2:30PM-3:20PM

  • Grouper Provisioning: Locally and Cloud program session at Tech Ex in Miami

Monday, 09/26/16 10:20AM-11:10AM





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