Grouper Call 1-Nov-2017


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, tOhio State Univ. 
  • Jim Fox, U. Washington
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here

New Action Items from this call

  •   [AI] Shilen  test the Windows arrow keys issue with Groovy 
  •   [AI Bert]  add his Vtldap to ldaptive code (within next week) to Grouper package and   share with Shilen emails on Ldaptive
  •  [AI Chris] point Bert to the new attributes for the work on PSPNG





Current work tasks

Vivek – Grouper Loader metadata


[AI] (Chris) patch external subjects in new UI


  •  Helps know which groups are in which loader job
  •  Timestamps for full and for incremental
  • Marker attribute and name  value string pairs on the assignment to specify if it’s a loader group
  • Loader job can have deprovisioning metadata
  • Could use for other purposes - removal of loader jobs no longer in SOR


  •  Will this overhead increase the time for certain loader jobs?
  •  Perhaps use threading
  • Should this go to the change log in point of time? Add config option for this
  • Carey: Would be good to have info on what changed during last sync and the counts, in addition to the timestamp, without having to go to the audit
  • Grouper Loader log seems too hidden. Would help to make it more transparent
  •  Grouper Deprovisioning wiki is here
  • Bert: concerned about lockout, is using hooks  an alternative to exclude groups?
  • Is Deprovisioning the right word here  - for excluding from a loader job?
  • “Mark this as a policy group” checkbox
  • Access Control to deprovisioning screen done with a group such as “deprovision-admin”
  • Chris will take next steps based on the discussion


Chris –patches, deprovisioning

  • Chris and Bill T will submit a Grouper Deprovisioning talk for 2018 Global Summit
  • Attestation - should do a training video on this.  Let’s update Training videos after next Grouper release


Bert – PSPNG

  • Will do small update on LDAP attribute provisioning 
  • Will work on action items
  • [AI Chris] will point Bert to the new attributes for the work on PSPNG
  • Plan is to migrate from old approach to new for provisioning, based on attributes


Shilen –GSHNG, vtldap -> ldaptive 

Made adjustment to member creation logs

Vtldap to ldaptive - 

  •  Shilen waiting for [AI Bert] to add his code (within next week)to Grouper package and for Bert to share emails on Ldaptive



  •  votes on email  for using beta version of Groovy and votes for not using beta
  • Shilen will run tests on this
  • VT-100 issues - didn’t work. Putty works
  • Windows - arrow keys don’t work from windows console with Groovy SH, can do emacs style control keys, there is a workaround
  •  [AI] Shilen will test the Windows arrow keys issue with Groovy


Chad - Libraries and Java8/Tomcat8

  •  Chad will share summary of his progress so far
  • Plans to work on Grouper public libraries (suggestion to use Ant instead of Maven)
  • Plans to use Java 8,  Tomcat 8


3. TechEx Debrief (next call)


4. Issue roundup


  •  Carey (tOSU)- “Grouper Accessibility Evaluation”( 3 page report) discussion
      • Overall System Accessibility Health Rating: Poor
      • Expected Risk: Medium
      • High-level findings:
        • Globally, there is a lack of navigation structures such as headings and landmarks.
        • Many controls throughout the application are inaccessible to screen reader reliant users due to the lack of notification as to the success or failure of initiating an action, e.g., activating an accordion to expand or collapse more options.
        • The global “Search” function is substantially inaccessible for screen reader reliant users.
        • Some input fields lack descriptive labels as to their purpose.
        • Navigation for screen reader reliant users is difficult due to the lack of focus management. For example, when a screen reader user selects a folder, the page changes visually but focus is not moved to an appropriate location to notify such a user that something has occurred.
        • Due to the lack of proper markup and instructions, it is difficult for screen reader reliant users to manage user permissions to folders.

    • Working on how to improve/fix identified issues.
    • Would like to understand/define how to contribute changes back to the project.
    • Would like any guidance on current direction/strategy for UI contributions and accessibility issues in general.
    • Carey will work on the remaining accessibility issues.

Next Grouper Call: Wed Nov 15, 2017



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