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Once you have grouper installed and the grouper-loader daemon running, you will need to ensure that the service keeps running, and monitor operations within Grouper.

You should set up the daily report which will be generated by the Grouper daemon process. To run it you will need to

  • configure the mail.smtp.server variable in to point to an SMTP server that will accept mail sent to the user will be sent the daily report
  • configure the the mail.from.address parameter in
  • if required bu the SMTP server, also set a username (mail.smtp.user) and password (mail.smtp.pass) in
  • set the parameter in to a valid quartz cron string. Also set the parameter to the address(s) you want the report sent to

The daily report will now be generated as long as the grouper-loader is running.

You will probably also want to monitor some key services:

  • Database availability
  • Daemon running (looked after to a degree by JavaWrapper if you choose the standard or professional versions)
  • UI availability

An external monitoring tool should be used to keep and eye on these an raise alerts if there are interruptions in service.

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