Create a new folder (requires CREATE FOLDER privilege or greater)

1. Find a parent folder for the folder you will be creating. This should place you on the Browse Groups Hierarchy screen

  • If you have permissions to create a folder in this folder, you will see the "Manage folders" panel at the bottom of the page. If you do not see this panel, contact your administrator.

2. Click "Create Folder" at the bottom of the "Manage folders" panel. The Create Folder screen will appear.

  • You can mouse over the field labels to learn more about what to enter in each field

3. Fill the fields in the panel, then click "Save" to create the group.

  • If you click the "Save and assign privileges" button, your new group will be saved and can add search for and members to the group

4. Which we can see if we go back to the "Current entities with Create Group privilege" page

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