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Starting with Grouper v2.4, groups and roles are handled by default in the New UI, and the Lite UI is no longer available in the standard setup.

Group and Role Editor in the Lite UI

Grouper LITE UIs

This Group and Role Editor UI allows users to convert a Group into a Role and vice versa.

Navigate to the Group and Role editor from the Grouper ajax UI main page:

Click on "groups and roles", and you will see a the list of links for groups/roles:

Click on "Create or edit groups and roles", and you will see a screen where you can edit or add a group/role:

Click "New group/role" to create a group/role:

You can use the combobox to find an existing group/role.  Note that the icons indicate if it is a group or role.

Edit an existing group/role:

At that point there is a link to the lite membership editor, or privileges, or if it is a role, the role hierarchies.  Click on privileges to edit the privileges

It you are editing a role, there is a role hierarchy button

Features of screen:

  • if editing a group, section title should say "group", if role, should say "role"
  • change main index screen to link to group index screen
  • add field for id path readonly only on edit, not on create
  • show checkboxes for assign privileges to everyone
  • show displayExtension which is editable for inserts or updates
  • save button should insert or update the group, and give a friendly success message
  • on insert, if folder is not there, give a validation error
  • on insert, if extension is not there, give a validation error
  • add a cancel button which cancels the insert/update
  • have a delete button which is shown only on edit, not create, which deletes the group and gives a friendly success message
  • delete button should have a confirm message to make sure user is sure
  • add a memberships link to the lite membership screen for the group
  • have a combobox to find groups to filter on
  • group name combobox should split the input string on whitespace, and search on name, display name, or description
  • edit an existing group after filtering for it
  • add a privileges link to display/edit privielges below the panel.  Start on first page of results
  • add entity combo for privileges to add entity to result list
  • use a similar screen to the attributeDef privileges
  • show green or red for if assigned
  • have tooltips to indicate if immediate, effective, or immediate or effective
  • green or red images should be clickable to change the assignment
  • checkboxes allow bulk editing of privileges
  • confirm message will show what was changed
  • after changes redraw the privileges panel with the new results
  • in edit group, if the group is a role, so the hierarchies button
  • role hierarchies button should show the role hierarchies panel
  • hierarchies should show implies, implies immediate, implied by, and implied by immediate
  • hierarchies should show name twice, once at top, and once in middle of hierarchies
  • hierarchies should allow deleting hierarchies on immediate assignments
  • hierarchies should have a combobox to search for new hierarchies to add with buttons for implies or implied by
  • hierarchies should show a friendly message on success or if already assigned
  • delete in hierarchies should have a confirm box
  • images on hierarchies screen should have alt tags