Grouper Web Services


Execute a GSH template via web service.  v2.5.43+


  • Identify the template by ID
  • Specify the owner object (e.g. folder)
  • Can actAs another user
  • This is only available with REST/JSON (not SOAP, not XML, etc)

GSH template exec

  • Documentation: SOAP (click on getMembers), REST (click on getMembers)
  • REST request (colon is escaped to %3A): POST /grouper-ws/servicesRest/v1_3_000/groups/aStem%3AaGroup
  • (see documentation above for details): Request object, response object
  • Response codes overall
  • Samples (all files without "Lite" in them, click on "download" to see files)

Example of sending JSON output in an output line

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: sas9f8d7sa9df87asd98f

    "wsInput": {},  // new in v4.9.4+ and v5.6.1+. arbitrary input based on the template and its needs

x-grouper-resultcode: SUCCESS
x-grouper-resultcode2: NONE
x-grouper-success: T
         "resultMessage":"Success for: clientVersion: 2.6.0, configId: membershipCount, ownerType: stem , inputs: Array size: 1: [0]:\n\n, actAsSubject: null, paramNames: \n, params: null"
         "resultWarnings":", Client version: 2.6.0 is greater than (major/minor) server version: 2.5.55, Client version: 2.6.0 is greater than (major/minor) server version: 2.5.55",

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