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  • Database Conversion v1.2.0 - v1.2.1
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Database Conversion

Modifications have been made to the indexes on the Grouper tables for the 1.2.1 release of Grouper.   Below you will find a description of each change and an example SQL statement for Oracle that you may execute to make the modification in your database.

For your convenience, we have also included SQL scripts that contain all of these index modifications described below.

  1. Oracle SQL Script
  2. MySQL SQL Script
  3. Postgres SQL Script

Modifications to indexes:

  1. Drop the concatenated index on grouper_memberships with columns list_name and list_type.
    drop index membership_field_idx;
  2. Drop the index on grouper_memberships.owner_id.
    drop index membership_owner_idx;
  3. Drop the index on grouper_memberships.mship_type.
    drop index membership_type_idx;
  4. Create a concatenated index on grouper_memberships using the columns member_id, list_name, and list_type.
    create index membership_member_list_idx on grouper_memberships (member_id, list_name, list_type);
  5. Create a concatenated index on grouper_memberships using the columns owner_id, list_name, list_type, and mship_type.
    create index membership_owner_list_type_idx on grouper_memberships (owner_id, list_name, list_type, mship_type);
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