• Penn has enrolled staff in two-step
  • We want to enroll faculty and students in the near future
  • Schools will have various requirement dates for certain departments before the main deadline
  • Whatever they are comfortable with, time-wise, when someone is going to be required, they should see a warning in Shibboleth once a day (or session) when they login.

Example countdown


High level design

  • We will have 9 days in advance of warning
  • People who are enrolled should not see the warning
  • Grouper will use a custom attribute which has a value of the date the group will be required to enroll
  • Grouper will use that attribute value in a loader job to load people into the countdown groups if they are not enrolled
  • When they are overdue, they will be added to a group which is required


  • School opens a ticket with IT to require a group of faculty to be required on a certain date
  • Two step admin creates a group in the two-step folder, and assigned an attribute with that date (e.g. 2018/10/23)
  • If there are reference groups to add, or a loader job to configure, then make the members
  • When that date is 9 days away, people not enrolled in two step start getting emails

Grouper design

Create the attribute definition and attribute name.  Note this is 2.3.

Attribute definition

Attribute assignment

Grouper design PDF

Shibboleth design

Shibboleth design PDF

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