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  • Connecting to the AWS Training Environment
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 Instructors will provide students with credentials and IP addresses to connect to the AWS training environment.  Students will need an SSH client which is capable of establishing a SSH terminal session as well as port forwarding.  Brief instructions are provided below for popular SSH clients.  Students should forward local ports to the following ports on the AWS side of the tunnel:

  • port 8443 - HTTPS access to Grouper, phpMyAdmin, phpLdapAdmin, Shib IdP, Shib SP
  • port 15672 - HTTP port to access the RabbitMQ admin interface


OpenSSH provides the command line ssh client found on most UNIX/Linux systems.

$ ssh -L 8443:localhost:8443 -L 15672:localhost:15672 $USERNAME@$IP_ADDRESS


PuTTY is SSH client/terminal software frequently used on Windows operating systems, but also available on Linux systems.  Configuration of connections and tunnels is configured using a GUI.  See the screen captures below.

Download putty

Start a session, to the IP address at AWS

Click on SSH, tunnels

Add one for 8443, and 15672

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