Welcome to the Columbia University Grouper Page

Use Cases

Columbia University is exploring Grouper to address these use cases

Simple Email Distribution List Management

  • Email Distribution Lists Modeled as Grouper Groups
  •  Email Distribution List Migration
  •  Email Distribution List Maintenance

Institutional Reference Groups

  • Affiliation Reference Groups
  • Authorization Groups

Google Groups for Authorization

  • Building the Google Apps Grouper Provisioner
  • Google Apps Grouper Provisioner Deployment
  • Google Provisioner Properties for Columbia Use Case
  • Caching Controls
  •  Google Group Settings
  •  FullSync Agent
  •  Account Provisioning with GADS


Deployment Guide

You can view an early version of the Columbia University Grouper Deployment Guide.

See also

Managing Grouper Groups Info from Columbia IT website


R. Andrew Johnston, Identity and Access Management, CUIT, Columbia University, andrew [at] columbia.edu