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  • Call 2-May-2018
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Grouper Call 2-May-2018



  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redmond, UNC
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Carey Black, The Ohio State  University
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent

Action Items: Grouper Project Action Items (Google Doc)


GRP 441


      • It would be very useful if gsh was BeanShell + Grouper “ ( circa v1.6.1)

      • can that be closed? (When was beanShell implemented? GroovyShell?

      • YES was closed

    • Remember to see if upgrader handles the bin directory, Chris thinks so already

     Grouper 2.4 release

  • Web service logs now should work like loader logs work

  • Can see who clients were from which IP address, from which time, what endpoint they were calling, what response was, etc.  

  • Please give Chris feedback on this work

  • Membership auditing in old UI

    • Vivek has done that

    • Look at admin UI?  Yes

    • Auditing based on a subject

Need to look at UI work and be sure it functionally works. If yes, we will  release that patch. Use the Grouper Demo server for testing

[AI] (Vivek) will test handling of privileges in new UI,  code was copied from Admin UI

Will also put deprovisioning into the patch

Release notes and patches:

  • Vivek may work on Rules UI in the future, after the Grouper 2.4 release

·         DDL changes (separate scripts for each DB from 2.3?)

  • Grouper v. 2.5 should be released around March of 2019, based on the TIER schedule

  • We should wait for Grouper 2.5 for DDL changes

  • Start this work around November 2018

  • Group delete, enable/disable dates, flag to make things (like folders or groups) not show up

  • Add more views, like changelog temp view

  • Membership liteweight view does a unique call, but perhaps  should be re-evaluated due to performance issues at Penn

  • Perhaps ask community for views that should be built in

  • Matt: OSU database size is 160 gigs, wondering if they should use something instead of MYSQL.  Other choice is MSSQL or postgress. Chris: database should not be so big, let’s talk , could be an LDAP issue?  Too much point in time data there

  • On upgrade instructions, give database guidance?
  • · Upgrade instructions page - Shilen work on this

·         Rip out old UI - Ripped out on Chad’s machine

  • Logout looks like error page

  • Test with shibboleth, and param that forwards you to the global logout page

  • How to package admin UI so someone could still use it?

    • Forked everything changed, moved everything not needed

    • grouper-misc/grouper-legacy-ui

    • Static files, csrf additions, jsps, jars, web.xml edit

  • ·         Deprovisioning (will be committed)
  • ·         Changes in WS API (alternate names?  What else?) DONE in patch
  • ·         What else is needed for release?
  • ·         PSPNG changes?
  • ·         What needs to happen with build scripts / maven?

 2018 Global Summit

Grouper at 2018 Global Summit in San Diego

Grouper in Action :  Access Management Strategies for Higher Education and Research Tutorial -  

 Grouper BOF

Wed. Deprovisioing Session at Global Summit

Current work tasks

Vivek – UI work

Chris – WS logging, deprovisioning, release

Bert – PSPNG

Code is ready to go for Grouper 2.4

[AI] (Bert) For Grouper 2.4, Bert  will be sure everything is in master that is in a patch

 Shilen WS issues, jiras, patches

  • Was working on VTLDAP

  • Will start working on Upgrade instructions for Grouper 2.4

  • Suggestion for SQL script for users upgrading from Grouper 2.3

Chad – Jiras, libraries, rip out old UI

  • Ripping out old UIs… Working on Chad’s local machine

  • Forwards correctly thru index JSPs

  • Logout looks like error page

  • Works w basic authentication

  • Hopes to test with CAS

  • How to package ADMIN UI so someone could unzip it and  use it if needed?

    • See legacy UI folder…

    • But would need to use local repository, not sure how this would work w installer.

    • Chris: OK to have Jars for  use if needed, don’t need to harmonize w installer

    • Must get rid of conflicting classes that exist in both old and new UI, then the Jars can coexist

    • Web XML, would need to manually edit back in

  • Plan: Chris and Shilen will do testing on Grouper 2.4 release

  • BillT working on Grouper Training environment w Campus Success Program

  • We should make more Grouper Training videos after the Grouper 2.3 release

  • Chad will help with attributes doc???

Issue roundup

·         activeMq fix (did change the contract in WS?)

·         move database configs for subject api to grouper loader properties

·         disable loader jobs , Note: we should add enable / disable to all new features as possible

·         UCLA PIT issues

·         Cool Grouper things at 2018 techex in Orlando ,  Chris submitted a proposal for a set of Grouper lightning talks, hope to show integrations w other products in TIER suite

·         Grouper demo social saml gateway not working? Chad has experienced a problem..  Perhaps ask Cirus Identity, Chris will chat w SteveZ

·         Remove vt-ldap requirement , Shilen made change to web services,

·         Remove admin UI - Chad working on this, and he will do the commit now

·         Trouble with sources.xml, we should probably have this converted in the installer

·         Attribute web services

·         Installer translator for French work

·         View audit log SQL timeout , Chad says this needs attention when possible

·         PIT groups and description (and other cols) - to be discussed later by Chris and Shilen

·         Audit query tool in admin UI, move to new ui? Done by Vivek

·         Full day Grouper/TIER training at 2018 Techex in Orlando? To highlight the Grouper Training Environment,  Bill T is working on

·         Patching error (force)

·         Composite looping and takes long time

(AI Shilen add Jira for Composite looping and takes long time for after release

·         LDAP group list takes long time

·         Group delete memberships as root

·         Containerized grouper and secrets

·         GSH command line params

·         Grouper WS logging


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