Attribute Assignment UI

 Attribute Framework UIs

The attribute assignment allows you to view / assign attributes.


  • Display the 6 owner types (not including assignments on assignments)
  • Each owner type selection changes the screen to show appropriate owner filters
  • Filtering respects security of the logged in user
  • Owner type is required, and displays a friendly message if not selected
  • When selecting an owner and attribute name, you can assign it
  • If owner or attribute name is not selected, then assigning will give a friendly error
  • If the attribute def is not multi-assign and an assignment already exists for the owner/attributeName pair, then give a friendly error message
  • Results should display a friendly message if none exist
  • Show the extensions with a tooltip of the full name
  • Filters should only show results that the logged in user is allowed to see
  • Enable assignments to folders
  • Enable filters for folders
  • Enabled assignments to members
  • Enabled filters for members
  • Enable assignments to immediate memberships
  • Enabled filters for immediate memberships
  • Enable assignments to any memberships
  • Enabled filters for any memberships
  • Enable assignments to attribute definitions
  • Enabled filters for attribute definitions
  • Delete attributes with the delete button
  • Delete button should have an alt and tooltip
  • Delete button should confirm the delete before doing it
  • Delete button should redraw the result list (without the attribute that was deleted)
  • Add value button should add a value
  • Edit value button should edit it
  • Delete value button should delete it
  • Ability to add attribute assignments on attribute assignments
  • Edit the assignments for delete dates
  • Delete assignments
  • Display metadata assignments as different than normal so they stand out visually
  • Filter and display by enabled/disabled
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