Grouper Web Services


Add or edit attribute definition names based on name or ID. This is new as of Grouper v2.1


  • Add or edit an attribute definition name
  • If you are editing an existing attribute definition name, you can look it up by name or id
  • You can specify a saveMode of INSERT, UPDATE, or INSERT_OR_UPDATE.  If you specify INSERT and the attributeDefName exists, it will be an error.  If you specify UPDATE and the attributeDefName doesnt exist, it will be an error.
  • Non-lite service can save multiple attributeDefNames at once
  • You can have this operation automatically create parent stems if they do not exist
  • Can pass in a txType so that you can run all the saves in one transaction, or just finish the work that is possible with no enclosing transaction
  • Can set the name, display name, and description of an attribute def name.  Specify the attribute definition it is linked to (by name or id)
  • Returns attribute definition name(s), and the result code of if it was inserted or updated
  • Can actAs another user

attributeDefNameSave Lite service

  • Accepts one attribute def name to save...
  • Documentation: SOAP (click on attributeDefNameSaveLite), REST (click on attributeDefNameSaveLite)
  • For REST, the request can put data in query string (in URL or request body)
  • REST request (colon is escaped to %3A): PUT /grouper-ws/servicesRest/v2_1_000/attributeDefNames
    • Note: if passing data in request body e.g. actAs, use a POST
  • (see documentation above for details): Request object, response object
  • Response codes
  • Samples (all files with "Lite" in them, click on "download" to see file)

attributeDefNameSave service

  • Accepts multiple attributeDefNames to save
  • Documentation: SOAP (click on attributeDefNameSave), REST (click on attributeDefNameSave)
  • REST request (colon is escaped to %3A): POST /grouper-ws/servicesRest/v2_1_000/attributeDefNames
  • (see documentation above for details): Request object, response object
  • Response codes
  • Returns an overall status, and a status for each assignment
  • Samples (all files without "Lite" in them, click on "download" to see files)
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