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  • Agenda for 2011 FMM in Raleigh
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Draft Agenda for Grouper WG at 2011 FMM in Raleigh

Welcome (TomB)

Agenda bash (record items on projected slide) (5 minutes)

Grouper 2.0 - Major New Features  - TomB (15 minutes)

Grouper Survey Main Takeaways - TomB (5 minutes)

Grouper Training and Documenation - TomB (? Minutes)

  •   - How many attended the IAM webinar or saw the archived version?
  •   - Is there interest in future Grouper webinars?
  •   - What other kinds of training are you interested in?
  •   - Thoughts on improving Grouper documentation?
  •   - Anyone ready to partner with us in working on the docs?

Focus of v2.1 & v2.2 development
-- What are the Community's Priorities?  ChrisH to lead open discussion, Shilen to record comments on slides that are projected (20 minutes)

Note: Timing for Grouper 2.1 release: Try to keep Grouper 2.1 slim (focus on LDAPPC-NG Real time) and release in October or November

  Grouper Roadmap:

   Possible Items for Grouper 2.2:

  • Ldappcng enhanced design for real time & incremental
  • New Grouper UI
  • packaging VT-LDAP in default jndi connector
  • internationalization tweaks
  • Subject API enhancement -- can subject web services securely release attributes based on permissions?
  •  include sample attributes and permissions definitions for qs database -- it is easier to opt in if there is some infrastructure/samples/framework in place
  • representing schemas as subjects
  • allow group type be allowed to be an entity with no members
  • Upgrade hibernate or other 3rd party libraries?
  • Reflecting LDAP and AD into Grouper via Loader? Via Ldappcng?
  •  uPortal / Grouper Integration: (looking for a partner)
  •  Increasing the number of web services (for attribute framework and permissions to create resources)
  • New Grouper requirements/directions coming out of OSidM4HE Initiative?

Encouraging Community Contributions

Questions (10 minutes)

 Other Sessions of Special Interest

Where the Sidewalk Used to End--Privilege and Policy Management Strategies

Tuesday October 4, 2011, 8:45 AM - 10:00 AM, Room 305A

   Chris Hyzer , University of Pennsylvania
   Boyd Wilson , Clemson University  

Getting to a Full-spectrum Open Source Identity and Access Management Solution

Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM, Room 302C

   Michael R. Gettes , Carnegie Mellon University
   Chris Hyzer , University of Pennsylvania
   RL Bob Morgan , University of Washington
   Benjamin Oshrin , Internet2
   Renee Shuey , The Pennsylvania State University

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