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  • 8-May-2018
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Grouper Call 8-May-2018 at Global Summit in San Diego


Please review the Slides :  

  • These notes will capture questions and conversation outside the slides.

  • Visit Grouper roadmap for an overview of work complete and planned.  Immediate focus is on 2.4 patches

  • 2.3 Patch history:

  • Version 2 of the Grouper Deployment Guide is underway, which includes new sections and expansion on account policy and provisioning

  • TIER/Grouper Training Environment:

    • How to get involved?

      • Ad hoc collab now, Slack channel probably coming

    • John Gasper, Unicon, working on this  

    • Hope to have training environment/labs available by 2018 TechEX in Orlando

  • New Grouper UI getting formerly lite-ui-only functions, both for UI unification and for security

    • Lite & Admin UI being removed

      • Remove struts dependency

    • Demo: Attributes & Permissions

  •  sources.xml and Do you need to migrate to

    • Yes

Also of interest from 2018 Global Summit:

Title Slide

Grouper deprovisioning (Chris Hyzer, U Penn)

RBAC and Grouper (Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech)
Big Ten Academic Alliance (Keith Wessel, U of Illinois)
Grouper ABAC @ Lafayette College (Bill Thompson)

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