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  • 8 Aug-2018
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Grouper Call 8-Aug 2018  


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, The Ohio State  University
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Bert Bee Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action ItemsGrouper Project Action Items (Google Doc) 


The upcoming Grouper 2.4 release

Change in the POMs For 2.4?
Snapshot   Jenkins should automatically pick up
Chad will handle this.  Update wiki and update release steps page
Wait for official release is ready

Branching process:
Tag 2.4.
Keep master at 2.4 as working on patches for 2.4
Then branch when ready to work on 2.5
2.4.0 will publish automatically in Maven Central  if everything is set correctly in Jenkins
Chad can handle this if given pwd, Chris will give Chad the pwd
Chad uses window machine
Needs an i2mi machine for this
Encryption version….
Gradle work done by Misagh may be relevant
Handle error message  issue in a patch?

Hard coded authentication in UI, just like in web service
Web service has 2.4 WISDL
Shilen ran unit tests.  Still working on some issues
Internationalization tests still need to be run

Tar Balls - Vivek or Chris to handle?
Full list of all tar balls is here:

Getting 2.4 into Docker Container….
Need to communicate w TIER Packaging team  
Email is


  • Shilen WS tests
    •  This week

  • Vivek 4 tarballs
  • Chris other tarballs
    • Couple days

  • Bert 2 tarballs (after putting pspng changes in master)
    • Couple days

End:  Chad pom.xml dance
End: Tell TIER packaging team to package it up

  • Bert to upgrade java8 on dev server /opt/java8 (keep a copy of old dir)
  • Chris and Shilen upgrade
  • Chad to fix activemq-all jar
  • Chris to patch grouperClient checkconfig file size after release
  • Chris and Emily to announce and update wiki
  • Emily check wiki make sure things are up to date
    • This week

  • Chad to check git: everything merged to master, document on release steps page

    • by end of weekend

Current work tasks


  •  will work on installer issue… SCIM and messaging
  • I2midev6 mybin
  • Grouper misc folder has shell scripts
  • Copy to GIT and commit and work on it there, to help keep history


• PSP  Bert will check in the master 

• Github SSL updates

• Java process.

• Conflict in test harness..

• Grouper Active MQ project

• TIER image … psp ng and its dependencies 

Issue roundup

Justin Robinson addition so PSPNG - done
Provision only direct members

 Attribute not multivalued but has multiple results
• Daemon to fix, also delete old one if multiple

o   Do we need a daemon to fix this stuff?
·         2.3 patch 107 large load on loader
·         Patches released
·         Xstream security problem
·         Remove lite UIs from 2.4
·         Update to French translation
·       University  of Wash 2.3 upgrade
·       One group multiple provisioners
·       Unit test fixes

·         TIER packaging requests to team

    •  non-zero return code if a patch fails when running the grouper installer?
    •  non-zero return code from gsh whenever the process that it kicks off fails?
    • Does the Grouper team have any unit or other testing procedures that we might be able to incorporate into the automated docker builds for us to validate functionality where possible before pushing containers?

·         Migrate database strategy
·         Grouper docker swarm experience?
·         Tests not in AllTests - Chad document this?? See Grouper/misc perl script

    •  How to figure this out?  Add to wiki release steps?

·         Rutgers advice on scaling Grouper
·         Reading properties files from jars (Chad to do?)
·         Matt Black inherited privileges issues (8/1, 5pm)
·         Wiki transition
·         Campus Success Program - Improving grouper docs (Daniela Proceda Django youtube)

    • Tutorials
    •  Discussions
    •  How to
    •  Reference

·         Digester jar issue???  Scott Koranda?
·         Sessions at TechEx in Orlando (everyone going and signed up?)
·         Enhancements for TechEx in Orlando

·         Subjects sources for UI
·         Building grouper from master ?
·         WS issue with empty vs null
·         REST API for privilege inheritance
·         Chad extra upgrade instructions
·         UNCG TIER container experience
·         Config table

 Grouper IAM Online - Wed. Sept. 12, 2018 

  • Bill Thompson and Chris Hyzer will present
  • Michael Gettes will moderate

Grouper Sessions at TechEx 2018 in Orlando

There are several Grouper sessions at 2018 TechEx:

  • Latest recipes  you've done with Grouper session -  Wed Oct 17 at 2:40pm ET

Next Grouper call Wed Aug 22, 2018

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