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  • 7-Aug-2019
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  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent 
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren, GA Tech

Grouper Action Items are here



Current work tasks, and next tasks

 Vivek Workflow

  • Needs another day to test.  Chris will review and make a patch

  Chris –  Configuration in database

  • Need to handle password on configuration changes.  Need to do import.

  Bert – PSPNG patches

  • Add the bugs to the list, and document the create patch script.  Chris can release the patch in a week. Interested in Group selection.
  • Changelog temp, dozen or two hours backlog.  Moved database in cloud, servers on prem. 30ms ping times.  Grouper’s performance fell apart. Moved Grouper containers into cloud, things improved.  Backlog might have been related to that time.  
  • Mysql has performance tuning which helps.  Tweaking the batch sizes helps. Multiple threads moving through temp change log, could go together.  
  • Some recent patches after full sync calls another full sync

  Shilen – Report attestation

  • Folder attestation on folders is done.  Branch (GRP-2202_attestation_reports) includes other fixes on attestation.  Chris will do patch. There are other bugs with attestation that haven’t been fixed yet: note those on wiki.  Other jiras recently assigned.

  ChadJIRA issues

  • Fixing bugs the last two weeks.  Four ready to go. 5th one sets metadata loaded flag false, move to a separate branch so it can be put into a separate patch
  • ready for patch
    • GRP-1924: grouperClient WsGroup bean missing alternateName property
    • GRP-2031: when you export as gsh, make sure its valid java when multiple objects. see visualization data set
    • GRP-2106: Membership counts inaccurate when member has more than one membership
    • GRP-2260: AttributeDefFinder reports "AttributeDef not found" exactly when it was found


Work done, have open questions

  • GRP-2244: Groups list loader sets loaded=false for groups of all other jobs (ready for patch but may have major effects, ok to release this in the same patch as unrelated fixes?) - see above, this will be a separate patch

                GRP-2009: Update published javadoc (see email regarding team list, is ready to go otherwise; can we delete the apidocs from the grouper/docs directory? What about WS docs? Also should we add inceptionDate to the Maven properties?)

  • Fixed bad links, navigation issues.
  • Team list should be: Chris, Chad, Shilen, Bert, Vivek
  • Ok to delete old apidocs in master branch; leave WS for now, and we will update the wiki links once the gh branch is looking good

- GRP-2249: member batch import incompatible with content security policy blocking iframes (Chris, do you remember what was the issue with requiring an iframe? It still works for me if it's removed) - try a patch, will revert if people have issues

- GRP-1905: Cannot find groups having a particular attribute value (advice given; but I note there are many DAO and API functions that target only legacy attributes, but aren't documented or noted in any way -- what should be done?) - for now document better; long-term methods should handle both legacy and new attributes

- GRP-2241 checking for a utf8 database - ok to take out the non-functional property, and make a note to put in in the UI diagnostics once the page is created

Bug roundup in Grouper 2.4

  • Focus of next few weeks is fixing bugs before branching
  • Add things to the wiki.  Look in JIRA. Make JIRA feature branches. 
  • You can release your own patch or wait for weekly patch.
  • We can try periodic patches for small fixes going forward and see if it reduces overhead.

Issue Roundup

 Grouper-Users email list since July 24

Grouper-Dev email list since July 24, 2019

  • Aug 1, 2019 bug in , Chad, Chris, JimF


  •  Erik Coleman  --attaching data to an attribute on a group, want to be able to provision that attribute/value as part of the AD/LDAP group.   thinking that PSPNG could provision any attribute/value as part of the LDIF …….. JEXL expression solution?
  • Greg Haverkamp - considering using attributes in provisioning
  • M Gettes - include an apache in all the TIER/ITAP docker images that includes the LDAP modules in addition to the Shib SP? 
  • N Roy - how to automate group membership filtering at the IdP.
  • Tom J Wisconsin - our UI ("Manifest") allows people to specify an SP entityID to which a group should be released, and we record that entityID as a Grouper attribute. 
  • Carey: OSU is also releasing ACP's (Access Control Policies)  to specific SP's that are in a special folder structure in Grouper.
  • Jon M - GSH question,  How do I enumerate where a group is used using gsh (equivalent to "This group's memberships in other groups")? (Chad added to gsh wiki page)
  •  ChrisH - we should bake SP linkage to groups in Grouper. 
  • J Crawford - upgraded  tomcat to version 9?
  • M Gettes - Grouper “support” or “intent” for  rabbitmq (or any changelog consumer) and its fit and usability to interact with anything other than rabbitmq
  • Jasonrap - issues with Grouper test-compose
  • ErikC: webservice question  - have a .NET app that is using the WSDL to craft and send SOAP requests to the Grouper API,  when we try to do a FIND_BY_GROUP_NAME_APPROXIMATE, we get a success=T but no groups in the return body

New JIRAs since July 24 (since JIRA 2256)

  • 2260 AttributeDefFinder reports "AttributeDef not found" exactly when it was found
  • 2259 Loader log message bad format "found (object reference) members overall"
  • 2258 ability to block a folder from being "copied" in the UI.
  • 2257 PSPNG: loader log message appended to and gets VERY long

Grouper Wiki Updates since July 24, 2019

Next Grouper Call: Wed  August 21, 2019

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