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  • 5-Sept-2018
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Grouper Call 5-Sep 2018  


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, The Ohio State  University
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Bert Bee Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Bill Thompson, Lafayette College
  • Jim Fox, University of Washington
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action ItemsGrouper Project Action Items (Google Doc) 


New Action Items from this call

Grouper 2.4 release

  • Congratulations on the release
  • Lots of overhead to put out a release
  • If we do releases more often they might go more easily
  • Plan is Grouper 2.5 for Spring 2019
  • Let’s work on things that are patchable for Grouper 2.4 for the time being
  • In Nov or Dec we’ll make a new branch 
  • Start  testing for Grouper 2.5 release in March 2019

Items for 2.4 Release

  • Demo Server Help page does not work
  • AI Chris will research this and also do some updates, Chris has opened JIRA for this

Error: Problem converting JSP to string: /WEB-INF/grouperUi2/index/help.jsp, Problem calling method help on edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.grouperUi.serviceLogic.UiV2Main

Please start plan for upgrading to Grouper 2.4 at your own institution.

Chad: UNC is using Maven, Grouper 2.4 is in development environment.  

Jim: U Washington also using Maven. Also will be looking to upgrade to Grouper 2.4


  • Issue in Maven re making snapshots…
  • Not for production applications
  • What does the Maven world look like for the Grouper project?
  • We had thought Maven deployments could use a patch
  • But in fact patches don’t work well in Maven environment
  • Need to get library versions to match whatever is supplied with Grouper.
  • Can put a patch in the class path
  • In Maven, it’s not an easy process to keep current w patches
  • Grouper uses binary overlay patch approach
  • Chris: don’t want build from source, prefer building from jar
  • Comment: Building from jars could be limiting for some with custom extensions
  • Building own source that relies on Grouper Jars
  • For Grouper 2.3, to handle patches, UNC unpacked everything then applied the patches.
  • Solution could be for Grouper Project to provide a patched version snapshot
  • If releases are more frequent this will help the Maven users
  • Can discuss this more in future if needed

 Current work tasks, and next tasks

 Vivek – New service template

  • New service template wizard
  • Please review Vivek’s work
  • This responds to Campus Success Program request for a wizard
  • On a folder you can choose new template, then new service template will be established, you can customize a few items and the wizard will create for you.
  • This wizard will be for UI, not exposed via Web Services.
  • Too much overhead for web service.
  • However, People may want to trigger a template thru a web service.
  • Matt: would like to see a space where you define a template with attribute attached, but this current approach is more insert a new hook
    • Flexibility of building a pattern to replicate is good, but some concern about references within the folder
  • JSON objects could be an input to a template
  • Current wizard approach is what was discussed with the Campus Success Program
  • [AI] (All) Review new template wizard wiki and share ideas on the templates and email your ideas to Grouper-core list.

  • Matt: start with just folder structure, get to other issues incrementally (attestation, deprovisioning)

 Chris – Database configs

  • Keeping config in database
  • Every properties file will have a new location
  • Look at base and overlay,
  • In database there is a file   
  • Can edit in UI for non sensitive properties
  • Can define types perhaps (integer, decimal)
  • Then can export config that’s in the database
  • Chris will create a wiki for this Database config work
  • Will be able to edit configs and overlays
  • First step is to be able to store configs in database
  • Then handle more advanced issues
  • Two steps , installer action that looks at overlay properties and puts those in the database for everything except hibernate properties,
  • Then once in database you can edit it
  • Will there be a UI page to view the database table?
  • Yes, to display things and let you edit them
  • TIER and Docker may help solve some issues around configs


  • Patching Grouper 2.3
  • See patches 17 to 20 here
  • Bert will announce these on the Grouper Users list.
  • Four patches, three need to be re-patched on Grouper 2.4
  • Will create only one patch for Grouper 2.4
  • Chris is only patching Grouper 2.4 unless it’s a security patch
    • Bert is keeping 2.3 up to date with patches for a while since some problems have gone unaddressed too long (ihho, in his humble opinion)

 Shilen – LDAP real time loader

  • Started to address the U. Michigan requests
  • Shilen emailed U. Mich about their use case
  • Hope to have real time loader support groups from attributes from LDAP loader
  • LDAP change log to see what users are being modified , then send message to Grouper to do a synch for that user



 Issue roundup

·         Grouper IAM Online Wed Sept 12, 2018

·         Grouper training

·         GSH non zero code

·         Bad membership finder.  Should we look for exception and fix?

·         Role inheritance in UI

·         Grouper loader quiesce

·         Michael Gettes loader question

·         Status monitoring

·         Struts vulnerability

·         Jim Fox cache question

·         PSPNG issues

·         Maven dep error grouper-ws

·         SQL run question

·         Grouper ui documentation

·         Gettes Grouper different view

·         LDAP groups from attributes issue with name

·         Koranda PSPNG issue

Draft Blog on Grouper - Chris and Vivek please review:


Grouper Sessions at TechEx 2018 in Orlando

  • Latest recipes  you've done with Grouper session -  Wed Oct 17 at 2:40pm ET


 Sept 12, 2018 IAM Online on Grouper:

Next Grouper call Wed Sept 19, 2018

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