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  • 4-Sept-2019
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  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent 
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Carey Black, the Ohio State University


Asynchronous UI with fast response time

  • Not GaTech in AWS, yes on prem or hybrid (due to network latency and db resources)
  • tOSU experience with UI isn’t bad but subject API performance is an issue ( due to large LDAP source)
    • Will be generic
    • Need to populate this on all pages that take a long time
    • Do people think UI has performance problems?

Current work tasks, and next tasks

  • Vivek – Bugs, attribute assignments from attributes screen
    • Request moving Owner object column to far left.
    • Request a way to get to a “advanced filter” before the first search
    • Request a way to filter/search the list based on an assigned value
    • Request a way to include the folder/path as a column ( advanced option/check box?)
  • Chris –  Bugs, asynchronous UI screen
    • Status on Duo Admin Role enhancements?
  • Bert – Bugs
    • Special case of subject ids and source provided and in same source
    • Take subject finder, wrote memberDAO method with hibernate necessary to lookup those members
    • Subject API was doing “one value at a time” searches. Now look at member table first with a multi value search then external LDAP search for individual values (as before )
    • Shilen will look at this
    • Any latency oracle pulls micropackets back and forth
    • Fetch size param on statements
    • (default is 10)
    • Change to 1000 to improve the loader performance
    • Change that for everything?
    • for database
    • Working on loading and Subject API performance
    • Fetch size for large resultsets ( jdbc loader ) GRP-2311
  • Shilen – Bugs
    • Working on some Jiras… will review Bert’s branch Jira GRP-2310
  • Chad – Bugs
    • Latest installer… how to know? ( talk later with Chris )
    • 3 bug roundup issues to be patched
    • Ldap loader.. Inconsistencies… gathering bugs related ….
    • Maven build with license checking, turn off automatic checking?
    • Checkstyle xml based configuration for code style, superior to license check
    • ghpages branch… java docs published ( .. make it seperate? → “do it”

Bug roundup in 2.4

New Grouper team member

  • Bill Thompson
    • Bill is currently focusing on Grouper Deployment Guide v2,
    • Bill will move to other Grouper tasks later
    • Welcome Bill, who has been a Grouper contributor and trainer for several years, we are happy to have him 
  • Plus one more, still working on filling out the Grouper team.

Issue roundup

  • Ldap paging
  • GDG v2
  • WebEX integration
  • Issues in Auckland
  • NewTemplate menu ideas
  • Navigation hiding
  • Autocreate pspng attributes

Next Grouper Call: Wed Sept 18, 2019


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