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  • 31-Oct-2018
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Grouper Call of Oct. 31, 2018


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, The Ohio State  University
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action ItemsGrouper Project Action Items (Google Doc) 

Grouper at 2018 Tech Ex in Orlando

  • Recap, debrief

  • Good attendance at Grouper Sessions

  • Lots on Shib and midPoint at ACAMP, there were 2 Grouper sessions  on Friday

  • Maybe the team should suggest more Grouper sessions?

  • People were liking the Grouper Docker container

  • Penn will move to the Grouper Docker container and AWS in coming year

  • UNC hopes to move to Grouper Docker container also for easier upgrade

 Current work tasks, and next tasks


Vivek – New service template (done).  TIER types (or rename to Group types)

  • Chris will make a patch and send out

  • GSH patch is a test patch so is holding things up

    • Chad will finish that up.

  • Vivek will work TIER types, but rename to Group types


  • Ref versus policy

  • Could have metadata on an App

  • Things about the app you want to capture

  • Have an attribute def, with name such as basis

  • Could mark it as a group type

  • On metadata say the group type

  • This helps support and clarify the usage of group types in the  TIER Grouper Deployment Guide

  • Currently we have a service tag, a special kind of attribute. Not many people using the service tag.  If the app tag is on a folder…. And the folder is the name of the app, would be good to migrate from services to this.

  • Services:

  • [AI] (Chris) will discuss group types with BillT

  • Shilen: Duke has separate attribute definitions (such as ownership and query)

for each type of group. Such as for reference groups and policy groups. Metadata  gets added on that attribute definition.

  • Questions on how custom attributes should work.

  • AI (Chris) will write up more on the group types wiki and share with Bill T and the Grouper list


  • Chad reports:

    • Get API BIN directories into the UI, options are:

      • 1. Overwrite the files, copy from API to UI, if somebody had changed local GSH they lost that

      • 2.  Overwrite but first prompt them,

      • 3. Rename files so they don’t get overwritten and then copy over

    • Decision - work with backup, in Grouper installer class, backup and delete file

    • This is a one time thing. The API patch is going to give an error. API distribution is missing the readme file.  Installer can’t create the readme file

  • Why is GSH included with library and web services install? A: It needs to know the classes directory.  It gives a command line way to interact w Grouper. But good for troubleshooting.

  • Communicate that users need to get the new installer and force install the patch. This is a Grouper 2.4 patch.

  • Chad will try to finish this tonight.


 Chris – Database configs

 Bert – PSPNG patches

 Shilen – LDAP loader parse attribute values for Illinois and Mich.

First patch committed

          Web service performance issues - Shilen did not get response yet

           Issue of checking security on groups

         Web service paging is on Grouper roadmap,
         SCIM has an interesting paging model

·         Chad – gsh installer, jira commits, WS,

            Ldaptive and loader connections issue - waiting for word on that,

            Chris put that jar in production at Penn

            Full syncs not 100% working


Next Grouper call: Wed Nov. 14,  2018

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