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  • 3-Oct-2018
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Grouper Call Wed., Oct. 3,  2018


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Bert Bee Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  •  Emlly Eisbruch, Internet2

Action ItemsGrouper Project Action Items (Google Doc) 

[AI Chris] Update installer to allow gsh script to be patched

[AI Chris] SQL query length size  

[AI Shilen] Group_set index 

[AI Bert ] LDAP password in clear text log (Yoann Delattre)  


 Grouper at 2018 TechEx

This is the Last Grouper call before 2018 TechEx


 Current work tasks, and next tasks

 Vivek – New service template wizard (done) 


 using Grouper Deployment Guide abbreviations 

  • such as app, ref, etc and org in the UI display
  •   want   the UI to match the Deployment Guide

 DECISION on using abbreviations in the templates :

  • Will use abbrevs in the UI
  • There will be description with the details


Be sure to use the word “ folder” instead of “stem”

What about template in root folder? 

Could have a config option to show more friendly names

  • Please send feedback on template wizards  to Vivek


Chris – Database configs

  • Have configs in database
  • Be able to display and update in UI


 Bert – PSPNG patches

  • Jira-1911: regex assumption, escaping problem
  • Jira-1533: commas in extensions
    • These two  JIRAs 1911 and 1533 are for  Grouper 2.3  and Grouper 2.4
  • Patches for that before techex?  yes
  • Doesn’t look like we need PSP in Grouper 2.4 , use PSP NG only
  • Grouper from source building, patches, github
    • Why build from source?  Patched problems from PSPNG that have been patched from patches
    • Might pull NZ code into main release
    • Create a provisioner, subclass PSPNG, that would be a reason to want updated jar
    • Tag in Git with each patch
      • Can’t do that since it includes other unstable files
    • Take jar files from patches
      • Deploy them as snapshot jars
      • Installer can do that.  Bert will make a script to make a docker image, release jar class files, jars back up, and puts in local maven repo for developer


 Shilen – Loader improvements, GSH, performance

  • GSH changes for exit code propagation
  • Change how groovy is being called
  • [AI Chris] Update installer to allow gsh script to be patched
  • Enabling and disabling loader jobs
    • More generic for all quartz jobs
    • Quartz table records status
    • PSPNG has a thread that runs in the background
    • Is table row identifiable by job
    • PSPNG incremental runs on Quartz
    •  proposal that full sync threat NOT run on Quartz


 Chad – GSH script (done)

  • Made changes to unix, didnt change windows much
  • Updated readme docs, env vars, etc
  • PWD vs curdir discrepancy in gsh unix/windows
  • Do we not need the changes in windows?
  • Grouper_conf not being used
  • No history page or changelog.  Grouper early history.  Look through roadmap find something interesting


  Issue roundup

  • Group_set index [AI for Shilen]
  • LDAP password in clear text log (Yoann Delattre) [AI Bert]
  • 2.3-2.4 upgrade export needed?  No
  • Group custom attributes via GSH / SQL
  • Allow blank description in new groups created by group list loader
  • documentation for
  • Schedule a job to run later with quartz
  •  [PSPNG] question about allProvisionedValuesPrefix
  • Build script errors in 2.3 / 2.4
  • Enabled / Disabled daemon schedule (AI chris)
  • Cap issue on ldap config
  • SQL query length size (AI chris)
  • Rutgers performance issue
  • GRP-1895 ldaptive 1.1.0 not threadsafe with multiple ldap servers (tabled from last time)

Grouper Sessions at TechEx 2018 in Orlando

  • Latest recipes with Grouper -  Wed Oct 17 at 2:40pm ET


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