Grouper Call 25-July 2018  


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, The Ohio State  University
  • Bert Bee Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action ItemsGrouper Project Action Items (Google Doc) 


New Action Item
 [AI]  Vivek create a table of which Grouper team members are doing which tests on the release steps page


The upcoming Grouper 2.4 release

Current work tasks
• Vivek has been  testing. 

• Grouper installer 2.4 does not yet install WS properly

• Run maven clean install should build war file to solve issue

• Config files need to be copied

• Might need to review what we have done in the past on these issues 

• Grouper WS SCIM issues

• Hope to solve on a conference call 

• Next task for Grouper 2.4 is to look at Shilen’s output of API tests

• Chris has started this.  Chris saw a few errors

• Shilen: Taking 50% more time than in past to run the API tests , about 11  hours total time

• Inherited config on attestation and deprovisioning. This must be set on each object, thus creating an object takes more overhead. Does it make sense to cache some of this info to help performance? 

• Perhaps Shilen will do some analysis to identify why testing is taking longer?

  [AI]  Vivek create a table of which Grouper team members are doing which tests on the release steps page
• Chris editing web XML.  Some tweaks needed. There will be another patch within a day or two.

• TIER Packaging team is watching the Grouper Release wiki that has patches.  Ask that we only update that page with a patch if the patch is NO LONGER in test mode.
• TAR file is key

• Chris: test patches are intended for developer to do a sanity check

• JDK 1.6 or JDK 1.8 issue - let’s discuss on a future call

◦ Which Java to develop and support

◦ Closing resources

◦ Lambdas

◦ Productivity

◦ For loop with hundreds of thousands of items, threads and fork joining (java8), parallel streams

◦ Come back to this issue later

• Security XSRF issue with patch

• Installer web.xml

·         Bert – PSPNG
• Marching along

• Dean washington state.  Have we seen a config from him?  Or just logs. I think just logs

• PSPNG patch?  

◦ Problem where full sync was emptying and repopulating (last problem)

◦ Released in next week

·         Shilen –
• Changed default for bad membership finder daemon (2.4)

• Kicked off API tests on oracle master

 Chad –

Matt -
• Performance for attribute resolution on parents

• Hook allow UI user to create a folder and do something to the name of the folder

• Hook is triggered

◦ Is this folder one that should be operated on

◦ Looks up tree to see if theres a folder with attribute

◦ Need to copy so it works for folders/attributes and not just groups

• Naming thing, generate an identifier

• Two extra database tables

Issue roundup

UMBC and Indiana Grouper in cloud
• Also U Illinois involved w AWS environment, interesting work in the cloud

·         Justin and PSPNG patch
·         Managing CA keystore in container
·         Grouper training announcement /
·         Ldaptive and baseDN property (needs anything?)
·         Real time loader cols
·         Discussion about rabbitmq
·         Create reference groups from loader
·         2.4 release
·         Web service to get custom attributes on group
·         Question marks on role screen
·         Dupe entries in deprovisioning screen
·         Error starting ui
·         Chad: upgrade seems to hang
·         Patches in “test” mode noted on release notes
·         Bad membership finder nightly?
·         My Services (fix in patch?  No)
·         XSRF in new ui
·         Xpath in web.xml to delete
·         Read priv not deprovisioned in some cases ? reproduced? [AI for Vivek]
·         Scim issue for chris to look at
·         Performance issues with patches
·         Bieber spelling issue
·         Matt Black “odd thing happened”
·         Attribute definition screen services shows options it shouldn’t
·         Example GSH
·         Shaun Koh name already bound exception ldap
·         Migrate Grouper to other databases
·         Wiki migration, Confluence wiki frozen to  editing Aug 3 at 5pm to monday morning Aug 6
·         Unresolvable UI issue
·         Matt Black audit UI idea
·         Provision only direct members
• Can’t do it but probably not useful

New Grouper Training Slack channel for discussion and feedback on the Grouper Training Environment work
◦ The channel is called #tier-grouper-train

Bert responded to Direct Members issue

Grouper IAM Online - Wed. Sept 12, 2018 

  • Bill Thompson and Chris Hyzer will present

Grouper at TechEx 2018 in Orlando

There are several Grouper sessions at 2018 TechEx

  • Latest recipes  you've done with Grouper session -  Wed Oct 17 at 2:40pm ET

Next Grouper call Wed Aug 8, 2018

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