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  • 22-Aug-2018
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Grouper Call 22-Aug 2018  


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, The Ohio State  University
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Bert Bee Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Bill Thompson, Lafayette College
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action ItemsGrouper Project Action Items (Google Doc) 


Grouper Training at TechEx 2018

TIER Access Governance with Grouper and Friends

  • Monday Oct 15, 2018 at Tech Ex, led by Bill Thompson , Carl and Chris, Chad?
  • Hoping Bert will help with PSP
  • James Babb may assist
  • Shilen  will arrive mid-day
  • John Gasper is helping with the Docker and GSH parts

Grouper Training Environment Development Statuis

  • Feedback back on approach/outline
    • major concepts missing?
    • new feature in 2.4 we should incorporate (deprovisioning?)
    • avoiding My Services in training
    • assuming we are running on the latest release (2.4+) for training
  • Help developing and delivering content?
    • Bert for PSPNG?

  • If every training module (30) in this spreadsheet  takes 20 minutes, the training will go long.
  • There is a template for each training module
  • Bill hopes to get feedback and input, especially on PSP aspect 
  • For each module, start and stop
  • Plan is to split the training modules between Bill, Carl and Chris.
  • Paul Caskey suggests using Internet2 AWS infrastructure for the Docker work
  • Each student could connect 
  • Chris will provide feedback to Bill
  • Suggestion to keep it simple and leave out provisioning…
  • Good to have fallback plan if connectivity and AWS is an issue
  • One should have Docker environment on their laptop as a fallback
  • Chris will reach out to those signed up for the training ahead of time with an email.
  • Reminder to take photos during the training

Grouper 2.4 Release 

Chris has tarball almost ready

For PSP, not sure the same approach will work 


ChrisH will talk with Chris Hubing about TIER Packaging and commenting out PSP in install

Chad - Maven work and snapshot  PGP Ring and signing  

Decision to branch in a few months 

Chris will explain Grouper 2.4   for release notes and email

Upgrade instructions are ready to go


Current work tasks, and next tasks 

 next steps after 2.4…. 

Ask the community to review the Grouper Roadmap and provide input

Chris could create a strawman of what to work on next 

Share it with the core list and with the community


Vivek – New service template?

 Chris – 

  • Plan to work on Database configs
    • simple config hierarchy in Grouper client
    • Won’t need all of hibernate in Grouper to run it
    • Do a select in a table to override properties files
    • Could override any properties files
    • Use UI to start configuring
    • UI presents a properties file
    • Would tell you if the config is from base or override
    • Editing config items in the UI
    • Encryption in the database
    • Only can edit if coming from certain IP address range

Possible approach

    • Use model from Atlasian, all they have is the database configuration
    • Installer admin would read the overrides  and put them in the database
    • There are pros and cons to this…
    • Properties files, overrides,
  • Request from Campus Success  Program:
    • Allow Types or Groups as defined in Grouper Deployment Guide (access group, etc)
    • Provides a better picture of how access policies are set up

  • Request from Campus Success  Program:
    • Wizard asking for what types of  groups you want , will then create your file structure
    • So GSH script won’t be needed
    • Chris has asked Shlen or Vivek to work on this?


Shilen – will work on GSH and installer return code, Shilen will email Chris Hubing for more context 

Issue roundup

·         Siju Jacob – recommendation for Grouper 2.3 deployment

·         Tarballs should be there

·         Duplicate jars should be fixed

·         WS tests (use random data) (do we need to build WS again?)

·         Copy group issues ( GRP-1867 )

·         GRP-1866 for Bert

·         GRP-1868 for Bert

·         Ben Beecher PSPNG email to Bert

·         Update help page?

·         GRP-1872 value type seems bad…

·         Everyone signed up for techex?


 Sept 12, 2018 IAM Online on Grouper:

Next Grouper call Wed Sept 5, 2018

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