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  • 20-March-2019
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  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redmon, UNC
  • Carey Black, the Ohio State University
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent 
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here


New Action Items

AI (Grouper team) share examples of desired Grouper reports here:


     Grouper BOF at 2019 Global Summit recap


  • Upgrading to 2.4   (AI add to testing procedures?)

    Pspng patch 4 full sync performance

  • Manually patch 2.2

  • Rabbitmq connection password (guest)

  • GDG and folder names

  • Jira patch levels

  • Jira cc

  • Veto if add self to group (SOD)

  • Chris added jira to check attribute assign and value consistency… single assign?  From jim fox 3/7)

  • Export/import to handle references to other objects

  • Include/exclude and require groups in UI (AI add jira)

  • Cannot start full sync since incremental underway

  • Matt and hooks and ui - discuss on next Grouper Call

Current work tasks , and next tasks

Vivek –  Grouper  Reporting

  • Making good progress
  • Regarding the use case, Penn has reporting system and moving from postgress to Oracle . It can do queries  and can be ad hoc
  • But small schools that don’t have access to Grouper Database may need reporting help.
  • Example: who is enrolled in 2step , attributes about them, used query for group lookups, Joined w attribute table
  • Sent reports w email
  • Grouper data security comes into play
  • Goal is that this should be inside Grouper, thus use case for Grouper report feature
  • Should cron a report , just like the loader
  • Could be stored in the database eventually
  • If you’re in group allowed to see the report, you optionally get a report saying the report is ready.
  • Some concern with letting users run arbitrary SQL
  • Only certain people will be able to run reports (like with the loader)
  • Campus managers want reports out of Grouper.
  • Duke gets requests for simple reports on a group,
  • Can show trends on memberships using point in time audit
  • Today on most campuses Grouper reports are run on demand when needed 
  • Perhaps we should re use the model of change log consumer
  • Where a report gets defined and then can be tied to other structures
  • At OSU, reports have been developed, but with Grouper API, not using SQL
  • Chad: using a BI system or GSH or web services calls to Grouper makes sense.
  • Would not require database access
  • Agreed  reports inside Grouper is a good idea
  • People running reports should have different privileges than those consuming.
  • Useful to put some comments on the wiki with examples of reports we currently use.
  • To see if what we are proposing can handle those. 
  • Concern that report storage tied to AWS S3 will only serve some campuses.
  • For Grouper 2.5 we should provide alternatives to S3, such as database, though perhaps there are security issues
  • Issues with storing blobs and storage allowance



  • Duo paging,
  • Loader performance,
  • Can’t add self,
  • Duo and provisioning UI


Bert – PSPNG patches


  • Grouper memberships for groups under this folder
  • Shilen will create a patch soon
  • Then Shilen will look at the changelog discussion
  • Suggestion to have a special call to get input on changelog


  • Visualization, menu refresh
  • Chad shared menu refresh features,
  • Uses Internal Ajax links
  • Use Eclipse or IntelliJ for this menu work? 
  • Refresh button next to browse folders
  • Refresh versus internal navigation
  • Matt: add user preferences to the UI


Next Grouper Call: Wed April 3,  2019


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