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  • 19-Sept-2018
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 Grouper Call Wed. Sep 19,  2018


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, The Ohio State  University
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Bert Bee Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Michael Gettes, U Florida

Action ItemsGrouper Project Action Items (Google Doc) 


 Blog on Grouper 2.4 Release and Deprovisioing 

Visualizing group structures (MichaelG)

  • Very interesting features.
  • Similar to Java Applet (that was removed in 2.4) for permissions.
  • Current implementation:
  • Gsh to discover data (based on config file driven process) to cached data files.
  • Run “dot” to produce SVG file for graph display.
  • SVG has http(s) links back to Grouper UI for groups in the graph.
  • Currently takes about 1-2 min to spin up gsh and discover data.Then less than a minute to produce the graph from the cached data set.

 Current work tasks, and next tasks


  • New service template
  • Add instructions at top of the Template create page to instruct user about what unchecking options will do when the “create”(“Submit” ?) button is pressed.


  • Database configs in database, remedy, Nagios, something cool with grouper

Bert – pspng  

  • Get scripts from servers into git ( disk space issues )
  • Email to list about PSP? ( Sent, using Jira epic to trace responses)


  •  GSH and installer return code?  Real time loader LDAP attributes.  Patch 1 was LDAP attributes real - time. Incremental table on different database, API patch 2 does that.  
  •  Loader disable flag, started working on that. Will a running job quit? GSH exit code


  •   loader patch?  Ldaptive issue

 Issue roundup (Did not discuss, out of time)

  • Subject jar removal

  • Demo server upgraded

  • Are GSH jar problems fixed?

  • Help.jsp

  • Pspng issues with provisioning too many groups (patched)

  • Instrumentation config file should be configurable

  • Pspng koranda empty group problem

  • Delattre pspng delete jexl problem

  • Grouper-loader properties default ldap (patch)

  • Oro jar problem (installer fixed)

  • Routing key required (patch)

  • Gsh error discussion

  • Iam online

  • Deprovisioning blog

  • Delete group: Error: Why cant deprovisioning def base def be found [AI for chris]

  • Loader jobs and auditing [AI for chris]

  • no longer commented (patch)

  • GTE progress

  • Delattre pspng group descriptions not handle line breaks

  • Julio GRP-1533 special characters patch

  • Logging question

  • Quartz desk

  • Roadmap discussion

  • Scaling grouper and architecture

  • Broken composite issue at Lafayette

  • Messaging system vs change log consumer discussion

  • Error message fixed with patch

  • Upgrade instructions order

  • Workflow discussion

  • Ldaptive threadlocal issue

  • Test classes in patches

  • Specify subject sources in UI [AI for chris]

  • Subject with same subject_identifier

  • GRP-1898: NPE pspng from gettes

  • Daily report with smtps [AI for chris]

  • Resolved data in DB (grouper members)

  • Allow separate DB for real time loader events

  • Grouper and splunk

  • More space on i2midev6

  • Delattre renaming folder triggers full sync in pspng

Grouper Sessions at TechEx 2018 in Orlando

  • Latest recipes  you've done with Grouper session -  Wed Oct 17 at 2:40pm ET

Next Grouper Call: Wed Oct 3, 2018

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