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  • 17-April-2019
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  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Carey Black, the Ohio State University
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent 
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here

REMINDER: Grouper Training in June 2019 : 

CAS Support

  • Three people asking for CAS support in Grouper 2.4
  • Chad has set up a demo server for this
  • Custom classes to look at cookies, hope to get rid of all that
  • Hope NOT to have special Grouper classes
  • Suggest modify web XML and set up CAS library file
  • Chad waiting for response from users
  • Jar adds some size to the download but not a lot
  • Better than adding to the installer
  • Fewer add ons and more core features creates more simplicity
  • For Maven, it’s adding a dependency
  • Chad will decide on this

Revamp of slow query issue

Old ref:

  • Michael G has created a fix for this?
  • Change syntax
  • May need to check on postgress
  • Problem from SQL
  • One solution requires an index
  • Shilen will look at this
  • Is there a JIRA?


  • tracking of patch stream from 2.4,  would like a tag for this
  • “2.4 latest” patch
  • See TIER Packaging Slack channel
  • Chris Hubing thought it’s a good idea and should be raised  on a TIER Packaging call
  • Bert will follow up

Current work tasks, and next tasks

Vivek – Reporting

    • Making progress, now you can download the report from S3 had to add a few jar files
    • Can go to most recent run for download
    • Report logs feature coming along, navigate to daemon logs
    • Using a button rather than a separate screen, Vivek will verify that button only shows for people with correct permissions
    • Working on code for sending out email. Vivek just needs to test
    • Can make some params configurable
    • Vivek needs to refactor some things to make these reporting features work for groups as well as stems
    • Encryption is working, it’s encryption per report instance
    • Need to store things in a file system like S3
    • Question re passwords in the database
    • File level separation is a different level of access

  • Decision: do the morph string to the encrypted key  
  •  Chris   emailed Vivek about this and copy the group
  • Great  progress on reporting
  • Sidenote: In UI framework, sometimes scrolling down messes things up

Chris – Local entities in UI

  • Duo and provisioning UI,
  • Hook editing the UI screen example
  • Work Chris did helped at OSU
  • Would be good to make available more widely
  • Grouper 2 day training in Madison in June,
    • Chris , BillT and JamesB working on content for that

Bert – PSPNG patches

  • Has coded around 2056 bug so can use ID index to find deleted groups
  • Bert will look at the Grouper AIs

Shilen – Change log performance

  • Would pull 1000 change log transactions at a time
  • Shilen has developed code to improve this
  • Any sequential membership adds or deletes are handled in batch where possible
  • Some caching is used
  • Performance has improved 50-75%
  • Shilen still looking at another improvement  for when each transaction produces more transactions
  • Config adjustments around large commits may help , documenting that may be useful, database best practices, Shilen will follow up on this

Chad – Visualization tweaks

  • Many smaller tickets on visualization and a few larger ones
  • Hoping to create a super ticket JIRA 2102 and put the small issues under there.
  • This will help naming the GIT branch
  • So far we are not using tasks and sub tasks in JIRA
  • Full screen option, is done
  • Fixed circular reference issue
  • Chad working to solve issue of query returning a set that is not distinct and can get duplicates
  • Should Chad release patch now with Visualization features that are done ? Or wait for Grouper 2.5?  
  • Decision: release Visualization patch in next week or two.
  • Chris did a presentation at U. Penn on 2 factor and 365, there is an opt in and complex group structure, people like the visualization of the group structure
  • Suggestion to keep an attribute on a group that has the membership count, so we don’t need to calculate it. Cached so you don’t have to calculate it . Goal was for faster visualization.  But there are direct and indirect and it gets complex…. Decision NOT to do this attribute approach

REMINDER: Grouper Training in June 2019

Next Grouper Call: Wed May 1, 2019

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