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  • 12-June-2019
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  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Carey Black, the Ohio State University
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent 
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here

REMINDER: Grouper Training in June 18-19, 2019 :

New Action Items

[AI]   Shilen create JIRA for changelogtemp processor that updates job_message status

[AI]  Chris to look  at pointInTime parameters are missing in the getMemberships web service call and create JIRA if there is not one


Issue Roundup for June 12, 2019

  Grouper Emails since  May 29, 2019

Topics on Slack

  • Grouper and tokens (Haverkamp)
  • 3 million change log temp entries
  • nice to add to the changelogtemp processor something that updates job_message status if processing non-direct memberships a timestamp and maybe the name of the group or whatever indirect thing it’s working on.   
    • AI  Shilen create JIRA for changelogtemp processor that updates job_message status
  • the Duo Connector and Box Connector to provision groups outside of Grouper
  • pointInTime parameters are missing in the getMemberships web service call
    • [AI]  Chris to look  at pointInTime parameters are missing in the getMemberships web service call and create JIRA if there is not one
  • Transactions
  • error in logs when restarted loader container: “Data in grouper_loader_log suggests that job CHANGE_LOG_consumer_pspng_groupOfNames is currently running already. Aborting this run.”
  • shibd config within the grouper UI container
  • inactivity timeout
  • requirement that the LDAP configuration details be moved to and referenced with ldapServerId
  • export the folder structure and group “config” (not memberships) as a groovy/gsh script

New JIRAs since  May 29, 2019

  • GRP 2205 Grouper Export ability to exclude memberships
  • GRP 2204 GSH w Bad Source doesn’t exist w non zero
  • GRP 2203 Stem membership doesn’t show right count
  • GRP 2202 attestation using reports
  • GRP 2201 list of groups loader jobs doesnt correctly show which groups are managed
  •  GRP 2200 grouper list of groups loader should show this on main group page
  •   GRP 2199 make sure report cleanup daemon cleans up old and empty files/dirs in the tmp dir
  • GRP 2198  in 2.4.0 patch api #60, jars went in new/lib/grouper instead of new/lib, causing WS and UI patches to have jars in wrong place
  • GRP 2197 report "send email to viewers" is displayed twice in report edit screen
  • 2196  on report screen show more config attributes including which group can view
  • 2195 report clearing daemon not working
  • 2194 if a new daemon is added, and scheduled, dont fail in diagnostics
  • 2193 add "recently viewed" to the widgets available on the front page
  • 2192 Fix misplaced placeholders for a few log statements
  • 2191 if a composite is used in visualization, it should show both factors and overall (if allowed)
  • 2190 UI overuse of "More"
  • 2189 Visualization: Add download as svg or png
  • 2188 Add Cc, Bcc and Reply-To to GrouperEmail options
  • 2187 npe with bad params in ws
  • 2186 Inconsistent behavior re: Copying loader groups' metadata, attributes
  • 2185 'Copy folder' fails when targeting same parent folder with different name
  • 2184 integrate new provisioning into vizualization
  • 2183 rule to remove privileges in set of groups based on allowed group
  • 2182 add javax servlet api to ui so gsh works completely
  • 2181 Fix handling of groupAttrReaders/groupAttrUpdaters fields for entities
  • 2180 add point in time to WS getMemberships
  • 2179 Bad effective group sets
  • 2178 grouper types should appear in search results for adding members (at least some of them)
  • 2177 null string properties in java cause viz issues, and if cant read loader attributes
  • 2176 move grouper externalized text from ui to api
  • 2175 add WS load test in grouper client
  • 2174 endless loop in change log temp processor
  • 2173 cant view entity due to local entity patch ui #27
  • 2172 allow installer to patch aws and activemq messaging
  • 2171 add provisioning to policy template
  • 2170 change logging for EventLog session starts from INFO->DEBUG
  • 2169 visualization: change arrow for subject membership from generic to membership style
  • 2168 rules should be able to not have an actAs
  • 2167 add value in attribute value needs to be more accurate
  • 2166 sql provisioning synced timestamps end up null
  •  2165 add ability to have emails in external files (from externalized text)
  • 2164 add ability to have emails in externalized text
  • 2163 Visualization for composites please include visual representation of type of composite.

Plan for team addressing JIRAs:

  • finish workflow and attestation, etc. then the team will spend a month where we focus on going thru JIRA and seeing how many can be address,
  • then move to Grouper 2.5 Development. Grouper 2.4 would be stable branch.
  • mid fall 2019 release Grouper 2.5

Recent Grouper Wiki Updates

Grouper  Training

Grouper Training in Madison June 18-19, 2019

21 people enrolled

Grouper Team opportunity

Current work tasks, and next tasks

Vivek – Forms, Workflow adn Approvals

  • Workflow option in groups
  • Driven off config patterns
  • Can define patterns to show to users requesting the group
  • Will add title and breadcrumbs
  • User will use HTML for form params to get more control
  • Can use a script
  • Otherwise form is dynamically created
  • John Gasper would like to have approvals for all of a group of forms
    • That may be in a future version
  • Stored in same file type as used for reporting, shared drive or S3
  • There will be audit logging entries
  • How to share multiple inputs in audit log?
  • We must decide the level of granularity for audit log to capture things
  • Some things may be too granular for audit log
  • In future versions, there could be more advanced use cases addressed, for example involving expiration date or rules
  • Q: Can a group owner put up HTML for a form? or only the admin?
    • A: Concern about scripts and security issues, so HTML must be done by admin
  • View ID defines who can view the workflow
  • Q: Can a group have more than one workflow?
    • Yes, can create a second workflow
  • In  some cases, Grouper workflow may add to storage needs
  • Defaults for workflow, automatically will fill everything out. So when someone needs to join a group, approval will be easy.  
  • Requester will be able to see status of an approval
  • Perhaps for Grouper 2.5 we should be able to store clobs In the database
  • Do a blog on Workflow, and on Grouper reporting,
  • AI Emily ask Dean about blog on Grouper reporting (done, Dean says good idea, Emily will create start of blog on reporting for Chris H to work on, a blog on workflow will come later in the year)


Bert – PSPNG patches

  • Created JIRA Epic 2208 for 12 different JIRAs, staging that, getting Docker ready
  • Will work on training new Grouper Team member when that person joins the team.
  • More documentation may be helpful in some places
  • When database config is done, we need wizard for PSPNG
  • This involves going thru the settings and figuring out how to present them on the screen
  • Bert will produce doc on the organization of PSPNG and the abstract classes
  • Bert raises question re i2miDev6 and Docker, Dev Services changes? Rebuilt? Docker not working on it.  
    • Perhaps they patched and rebooted.
    • Bert will try reinstalling and see if that helps.
    • [root@i2midev6 docker]# service docker start
    • Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start docker.service
    • Failed to start docker.service: Unit not found.
    • [root@i2midev6 docker]#
    • Bert email


  • Bug fixes
  • Related to attestation
  • Adding reporting to attestation
  • Some travel coming up

Chad – Visualization improvements (not on today's call)


  • reading thru JIRAs, adding templating tooling to hook / change log consumer for outbound email formatting.  
  • Suggests supporting HTML mail.  Matt has tagged this onto an existing JIRA
  • Not so much hard coded. Using Freemarker, for JSP.
  • Plug into Grouper UI for customizable templates, Could a workflow form be generated from this in a safe way?
    • Yes and No, makes it obvious when doing things badly.
    • Around using escapes
  • HTML is a lower barrier of entry, but we should consider those features in the future

Next Grouper Call: Wed. July 26,  2019


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