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  • 12-Dec-2018
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  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Matt Black, The Ohio State University
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


Grouper Action Items


Current work tasks, and next tasks

Vivek  Grouper types


Chris – Database configs

  • Metadata on configs, tags info on configs,

  • Put this metadata in config files,

  • Properties will get read from the database

  • Then Chris will make a branch for the UI work.

  • Config documentation will need work -- Emily to look at that in 2019

Shilen – Daemon screen

  • Finished the work and updated the wiki 

  • Shilen may work next on disabled memberships

  • May work on point in time and solutions to time outs


Chad – Visualization

  • Working on design

  • Will add filters

  • Text or graphical option

  • D3 versus GraphViz

  • Java creates JSON object for nodes etc

  • Javascript drives display based on JSON data

  • Visualization method is a plugin

  • Color scheme could go in a config file

  • Add some checkboxes, could use a hide show if needed

  • Add button to show full screen

  • Chris sent some D3 examples, many different ways to do it

  • need to think about permissions

    • If you have read permission it will show number of members

  • For future: Group metadata to cache # of members, could get out of date but would make things faster

  • Use batch and queue construct to handle time outs?

  • We do some things in threads

  • Hope to add reports, same issue with time outs

  • Goal for future:  a table in database that has blobs and a daemon to clean things up

  • Perhaps Shilen can look at this issue.

  • Space in database versus using blobs 

Chad: question on loader jobs and UI. This will be helped by Shilen’s work on the Daemon.   

  Issue roundup

  • Point in time on UI

    • Filter on group page

    • Might want to export with filter

    • API to get point in time members , Shilen hasn’t look at it for a while but shouldn’t be a problem, perhaps add  that to membership finder if it’s not there already

    • On the UI now, you can filter by direct and indirect, can filter by a search string, perhaps by source

    • Think about this for the future

  • GRP-1957: redirect to logout doesn’t work -

    • Chad fixed this for next release, Chad will also create  a patch.

    • Would be good to document how this should work for Shib, Chad will check and perhaps enhance the documentation on logging out of Grouper

    • Redirect to the Shib logout

  • Handling Commits to Grouper code

    • Issue: run time errors in checking in patches,  it gets tricky, part of source control woes, perhaps developers should work  in a branch , Chad works on a branch, then pull master and rebase, for multiple commits do interactive rebase. This way you are  not surprised

    • Source control woes… should we try branch per jira for commits that aren’t ready for patches?   

    • Grouper Developer Coding Standards wiki:

    • If all commits go in , it makes sense to merge

  • GRP-1959: full sync timed out after 300 seconds - Bert

  • GRP-1961: Grouper shell and add subject.  Should it fail if not using default source? Add remove subject?  Do we need person/group/system?

    • Used to make sense for primary key .. might want to revisit

  • WS and Swagger

    • Nick from U of Auckland interested in this (he also worked on visualization)

    • Looking at adding new URLs to same endpoints in rest

    • If able to help, reach out to Nick

    • Swagger can  be helpful for documentation

    • Swagger supposed to be for WSDL

  • Source control woes… should we try branch per jira for commits that aren’t ready for patches?  See Above

  • UI for change log consumer state/processing info (how to change current index?)

    • Matt interested in this topic

    • Locking exception issue , needs to be tested  versus turning off loader

  • Update on Grouper Training and LMS

    • Internet2 will be developing LMS Training starting w Shib in 2019

    • A goal is to replace existing Grouper training videos that are long and many are outdated

  • Grouper installer issue and versioning

    • Chris fixed this for now

    • Should we do separate versioning for installer?

  • Loader FIFO

  • CSRF in grouper UI

  • Builds have “test” in them? But they don’t mean “test” , good to talk w Packaging team about this issue

Grouper call of Wed Dec 26 is cancelled.

Next Grouper Call: Wed. Jan. 9, 2019


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