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  • 10 July-2019
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  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Carey Black, the Ohio State University
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent 
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here

New Action Items from this call

  • AI Emily ping Grouper Users  about new wiki doc on Authentication (done)
  • AI Chad   open a JIRA on issue he found that is an annoyance to admins   
  • AI Chad will   consolidate/merge the 2 CSV libraries
  • AI Chris take a look at JIRA 2244 Groups list loader sets loaded=false for groups of all other jobs

Current work tasks, and next tasks

Vivek – Workflow

  • Can send email to people who have forms waiting for approval
    • A bit more work to do on file saving options and on validation
    • Remove config form? Validation will be tricky
    • Check if a param was sent, give a descriptive error if not, Vivek will implement this approach
    • AI Chad   open a JIRA on issue he found that is an annoyance to admins   
    • Timeframe is 2-4 weeks to finish this work

  • Plan for branching to Grouper 2.5
    •  In 4 weeks the team will plan to  move to bug fixing mode, go thru JIRAs and see how many we can fix. Then branch and start on Grouper 2.5

Chris –  Configuration in database

  • Can view Config in the UI now
  • Pick a config file, go thru the sections, 
  • will display the keys and values, 
  • analysis of where it comes from 
  • Will finish within a month

Bert – PSPNG patches

  • Test mode for PSPNG 7 and 8
  • Hoping to release those before long
  • Will be helpful at U Penn

PSP Provisioning in the UI will be a project for the new team member being recruited

Thanks Bert for keeping the wheels on track

Shilen – Report attestation

  • Adding elements such as how many days before you need to recertify
  • Handling email and notification aspects
  • Working on report attestation for  folders first, 
  • Need to add group functionality  later 
  • Switch to turn on and off perhaps

Chad – Visualization improvements

  • Helping Bert w Maven Build issues
  • Ant build config works for 1.8
  • Needed to change maven to 1.8
  • There were  some Grouper client issues
  • Library dependency errors
  • Needs SDK core and S3 library
  • Active SQ and SNS?
  • Code referenced Common CSV
  • Now fixes have been made and Maven builds
  • With commits to master, there is a travis  ? integration job
  • Are  there messages when Travis fails?  Would want to track this
  • If building Maven locally it builds locally, but with PSPNG, it might have been getting an out of date snapshot
  • If we change Java versions, we need to change them in Ant and Maven
  • Like Grouper Client to be backwards compatible with previous java versions
  • Could override for a project
  • Many libraries require 1.8
  • 1.8 is at end of life
  • Could move to 2.5
  • Only matters for maven projects, like PSPNG
  • Uses regular API, from installer
  • If we change libraries, we should let Chad know for review
  •  so Chad can be  sure it all matches
  • Common CSV libraries. One for Grouper UI, open CSV, 
  • AI Chad will   consolidate/merge the 2 CSV libraries
  • Issue at Ohio State University:
    • change to Duo integration and things published in MAVEN were not the latest 
    • Latest stuff is not there
    • Chad will send a separate snapshot where repositories are ( )
    • Need to make this known when an official patch is released
    • In better shape than we were with  Grouper 2.3
    • Should be up to date with patches
    • Can we version stamp the snapshot with the patch?
    • Continue this on Slack.


  • Issues w visualization and getting  group counts
  • Working on this w MichaelG
  • From membership LW view
  • Groups of interest, depends on all memberships view
  • It’s the nested views that are the issue
  • Just use memberships all
  • Shilen: yes If you nest views you have that issue
  • Goes from 16 seconds to half a second
  • MYSQL  has some oddities
  • Need to re write the visualization query
  • Might impact and improve performance for other things
  • Don’t use the lightweight view often in Grouper
  • AI Chad will research use of lightweight view in Grouper or add a JIRA about this
  • Will add  a button on this 
  • Composite group showing both factors


  • Bug Chad found : Grouper list loader , if out of scope , sets to false for every loader job, see JIRA 2244,  
  • Chad may need some help with JIRA 2244
  • Chad: Request that you can search for more than 2 attributes 
  • AI Chris take a look at  JIRA 2244 Groups list loader sets loaded=false for groups of all other jobs

Issue Roundup 

Wiki page updates

Find Recent Grouper Users (U Penn)

     Anyone who has made more than one change in Grouper in last month

Authentication to the Grouper UI  (thanks Chad, should we email the list about this new page?)

Move and Copy (added web services approach)

Release Notes

 Emails since  June 26, 2019

  On Grouper-users email list

  • question (Carey)
  • Grouper and DB threads (MichaelG)
  • grouper upgrade 2.2.2 to 2.4.0: Problem with ldap connection (Baron F)
  • how use webservice to move an existing group from stem to another stem (Mathieu HETRU)

  • how to restart grouper without running the installer again? Continued thread (UC Irvine)
  • using the API to get enabledTime and disabledTime (BenB, Columbia)
      • Now in the UI
  • Math in Visualizer, continued thread

  On Grouper-Dev email list

Topics on Slack

  • no longer going to obtain tier/grouper:latest (Gettes)
  • proxy support in the installer (Jeff Williams)
    • Handled in a patch
  • web service calls and enabledTime with the format of date and time.   start time works on the web service call side but the membership isn't showing up on UI. Does the UI only support day? (Jeff Williams)
  • I'd like ws users to use access policies groups, but not directly use the reference groups they're based off of. (Jeff Williams)
  • what does grouperLoaderMetadataLoaded=false indicate? (Chad)
  • idiots guide to getting Grouper running as a container (jasonrap)
    • Need  this! Could the installer help? Standards  would help
  • when a group is deleted it simply shows "Deleted group" and nothing more (Erik C)
    • Should work on this at some point
  • decided to do a full sync and they are apparently stepping on each other and locking up the loader. Is there a way I can force these syncs to happen one at a time? (Williams)
  • pushing for docker deploys to make it easier to upgrade the software (Gettes)

  • Grouper UI has a "My services" link. Is the recommended use of "services" described on the wiki or in training materials? (KeithH)
    • Should redesign this at some point, Matt has some ideas
  • Suggestion to  suppress the option for "all users" and only showing it for users who could use it. (Carey)

New JIRAs since  June 26, 2019 since JIRA 2234

2246Visualization: tune group count query for better performance in MySQL

     2245 Deprovisioning Error

Using Deprovisioning at Penn, hope to improve it

GRP-2244 Groups list loader sets loaded=false for groups of all other jobs

GRP-2243 My Services: change what clicking on a "service folder" does…

GRP-2242 add help button to objects which could email admins

    How to ask for help with a group? Add  a button to ask manager?

GRP-2241Allow suppression of startup error "Error: Cannot properly read UTF string from database"

GRP-2240 deprovisioning admins could be scoped to a certain group (e.g. org) that they cannot edit, could help with delegation

GRP-2239 deprovisioning isnt affecting screen

GRP-2238 enabled/disabled membership screen shows enabled when not

GRP-2237 improve error page for authenticatedSubjectNotFound condition when external registration is also enabled

 GRP-2236 UI should have a way to report the current version/patch level.

GRP-2235 PSPNG userSearchFilter with subject attribute fails


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