Grouper Call of Jan. 17, 2024


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Chad Redmond, Unicon
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, Purdue
  • Gail Lift, University of Michigan
  • Liam Hoekenga, University of Michigan
  • Chris Hubing, Internet2
  • Drew Aschenbrener, Internet2


Current Work



  • Working on composites
  • Diagnostic work
  • Went thru API unit tests
  • Adjusted those needing it 
  • Looking at issue around multiple threads
  • If you disable a composite group and re-enable, it doesn’t fix composite membership until run overnight
  • Shilen will ensure the change log addresses that within a few seconds
  • Shilen’s work will speed up work with composites

  • Chris will work on disable/enable for SCIM


  • Chris and Emily are working on a Grouper blog for the January 2024 Trust and Identity Newsletter, with focus on Penn email provisioner use case 
  • Chris worked on dynamic dropdowns 
  •  Grouper custom template via GSH - V2 - dynamic drop downs

  • Working on how Grouper Session is implemented
  • AI Chris will document proper way to do sessions, using callbacks

  • Speeding up start time
  • Check groups in Grouper check config
  • Will do query to see if group exists, if not , it creates the group
  • There is also check attributes
  • All being done as root
  • There were some issues, Chris is addressing
  • Want to make this faster and handle registering
  • With a local postgress 
  • Look at object types, start with folders and do check stems
  • Use consistent API, Stem Save API
  • New class: StemSaveBatch
  • Move from a dozen queries to one query
  • Faster start time is a goal
  • Change Log Work or point in time work:  batching is helpful 
  • Pattern of save class and save batch class is good
  • AI Shilen will check on Changelog temp to changelog - there may be opportunities for batching 


  • Build Grouper v5 container for Grouper Training Environment (GTE)
  • Needed to add back apache and Shib SP, updated containers
  • 5.7.0
  • Worked on data fields
  • Data fields for student information systems
  • Issue around basis groups
  • Created data dictionary
  • Discussion around data field names and prefixes, and name uniqueness
  • This uses Shib SP

  • Chad also working on pac4j

Issue Roundup

Jiras in past two weeks

Grouper wiki updates in past two weeks

Grouper Emails recently   - none

Next Grouper Call: Wed, Jan. 31, 2024

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