Grouper Call of April 10, 2024


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, Purdue
  • Gail Lift, University of Michigan
  • Chris Hubing, Internet2


InCommon Basecamp is June 3-7, 2024 (online only)



InCommon Basecamp is June 3-7, 2024 (online only)

Current Work


  • There are many dependencies that should be considered when deleting
  • Worked on deleting a folder or a group and what rules are associated.
  • Shows rules outside of the hierarchy
  • Question: Can I jump to a rule to modify it? Might want to tweak the rule
  • Answer : makes sense to add an assignment column
  • AI  Vivek will add assignment column to his work on deleting folder or group

  • Vivek worked on these Jiras:

  • GRP-5303  underlying database connection issues are masked in logs in certain circumstances
  • GRP-5304  do not flush ehcache controller when clearing caches if it is not alive
  • Next tasks: go over rules, test privileges

ABAC work upcoming potentially

  • U Michigan is working on ABAC and may have some requests around the expressions, 
  • 80 job codes, need a good way of easily saying anything in this list counts.  
  • Suggestion to re-use a set of values across policies? 
  • Basis attribute values, make into something more institutionally recognized.  
  • But job codes may be very specific per department
  • Have a list for “my workspace” ? 
  • Use intermediate groups?  
  • Some things are extractable and some are not
  • Gail will work through the use cases
  • Chris: we hope to eliminate need for so many “ORs” , use wildcards perhaps
  • Use dynamic attributes potentially 
  • Hope to get real time attribute changes to propagate to policies.


  • Visualization work  
    • GRP-5401   Visualization with member criteria
    • When visualizing a group or folder, want a way to include a user, a member yo uare searching for,
    • if user is in a group, then group is green, otherwise it’s red
    • Colors were already used for other purposes 
    • Some colors changed to borders
    • Legend is used to explain
    • Question on ADA compliance
    • Shilen will add an alternate form of indicating 
    • Suggestion to add a marker on the box, that says “is present”
    • Suggestion to change the way color and hue and shading are used
    • Text at bottom should have all the info
    • Shilen will remove the use of red, implement pink 
    • Add “entity in group” text

  •  Performance testing  
    • Shilen got test instance set up
    • Both postgress and openLDAP are crashing
    • Spends a lot of time on one section of provisioner
    • Need different VMs? (currently using one VM for Daemons, postgress and open LDAP)
    • Shilen will do more work on this

Apache Directory Studio security

  • Chris Hyzer has question on Apache Directory Studio security and restrictions looking at attributes
  • Chris Hubing may have some insight to this, using LDIFs
  • Not allowed to walk structure, must do a blind search
  • AI Chris Hubing will consult with Paul Caskey on Apache Directory Studio attributes security issu and let Chris Hyzer know. 


  • Need to go to Tomcat 9. Push that out to v4 and v5
  • Has anyone installed Selenium in Rocky? 
  • AI Chris Hubing will look into whether anyone has experience with Selenium in Rocky
  • WebISOGET is a simplified approach 
  • Chris Hubing suggests: Come up with list of test cases
  • U Michigan has used Selenium for testing
  • Discussion of Duo, Kubernetes

  • Chris fixed Attestation Group Save issue

Issue Roundup


Wiki updates in past 2 weeks

Next Grouper Call: Wed. 24, 2024




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