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  • Outline for Final Report
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DRAFT - Outline for Final Report - DRAFT

  • Executive Summary
  • Types of IDs
    • Internal SP Identity
    • Institutional Identity
    • Federated Identities
    • Social Identities
    • Known Assurance Identities
  • Use Case Dimensions
    • Longevity of identity
      • Length of association (one-shot vs. short term vs. etc.)
      • Identities that are tied to/dependent on existing Identities (e.g., Parent access to student’s grades or research partner access to local researcher’s project)
      • Associations that extend beyond traditional (local) IAM lifecycle (prospect, alum, ex-employees)
    • Sensitivity
      • Need for LoA
      • Need for MFA(?)
      • Other needs(?)
    • Level of linking to internal identities/environment/Level of Integration with IAM
      • Identities used to access a single SP
      • Linking external identifiers to (institutional) IAM entries (e.g., students using FB/Google as credential for campus account)
      • Creating new (institutional) IAM entries based on external IDs (e.g., VOs creating entities for external people)
  • Risks, Concerns and Issues of leveraging External IDs
  • Architectural Approaches for integrating external identities
    • Directly at the SP
    • With an invitation service
    • With an externalized authz service
    • Leveraging a gateway
  • Recommendations (do we need a separate section, or should these be in the previous sections?)
  • Specific Issues/Appendices (Items on the charge list not necessarily directly addressed above, or documents we've created to link to but not include directly)
    • Criteria for selecting external providers in a variety of usage scenarios
    • How a gateway would represent the properties of an external account to an application (?)
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    • Different Types of Use Case
      • Abstract descriptions of each of the different external identities.
      • Real world examples of each of these external identity "categories" / "types".
    • Follow Up Discussions:
      • Which of the documented use cases for people have a preference / affinitiy?