External Identities Working Group


The External Identities Working Group completed its work during Q2 of 2015. Final report is here.


The mission of the External Identities Working Group was to move the community of knowledge towards the goal of making external identities useful and sufficiently trusted in a variety of campus-based use cases. Chaired by Eric Goodman of the University of California, Office of the President, this group was focused on the use of external identities by individuals, rather than an enterprise using an external identity provider as their enterprise IdP.

Specific goals for the External Identities Working Group included:

  • Exploring/developing deployment models for using external identities in a variety of risk profiles
  • Identifying and examining the technical components that are needed to make external identities useful across a broad array of services
  • Exploring the notion of account linking between a campus-issued account and an external account
  • Understanding the differences between external identities and local identities

Work Products

Artifacts carried over from Social ID Workgroup

Further Information about the External Identities Working Group

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