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  • External Identities Work Group Meeting - 2015-04-23
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Yet again, agenda will be review of the (further) updated draft of the External ID Report draft at:


note, many, many comments/edits were suggested in the email list; those comments are not repeated here.

  • Definitions in this document vs those in InCommon IAAF, NIST 800-63-2
    • Will edit to call out where term is the same/different definition. Or use “Aligns with”, “Equivalent to”.
    • Suggestion; replace Credential with Authenticator or Authentication Mechanism to try to avoid confusion.

  • Suggest remove the phrase “BYOC” (Bring Your Own Credential); thought to be not a "real thing"

Other general edits discussed on the call that were later summarized in a post to the email list.

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