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Courtesy of Jim Fox

U Washington Group Service

I promised I might put together a swagger description of our group service.  It's not complete, but has the most common requests.

Easiest way to browse the document is with the swagger ui.


You won't be able to do any 'try it out' because the service doesn't run on that host. Also, you can get the json and load it into a swagger editor. 

A few things from my work with swagger. 

  • Whether you use the swagger editor or your favorite IDE (vi, say) you can easily get swagger errors that are hard to correct.  Save your good documents often.  Someday we'll get some json representations out of the service.  Let me point out that xml and json have very similar capabilities.
  • The system is definitely set up for json representations.  XML is supported in a way you can see in the editor.  Our service is old enough that most users still get XHTML representations.  I didn't try to document those.
  • Swagger claims to support Git's GFM markdown language.  I've found that to be severely lacking.  Maybe it's in a future release.  It the main description you can use HTML.
  • There is no support for X509 certificate authentication, which is what we use.
  • Swagger says it supports Polymorphism.  I couldn't get that to work.


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