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Latest Stable Release 0.5.4 (03/14/2011)

DCN Software Suite version 0.5.4 is now available. You may download it here.


The documentation for the DCN Software Suite is currently under active development. The latest version of installation documentation and user manuals may be found in the release package or below:

  • DRAGON Installation Guide [pdf]
  • OSCARS IDC Installation Guide [doc|pdf]
  • DRAGON VLSR Implementation Guide [pdf]
  • DRAGON NARB Design and User Manual [pdf]
  • DRAGON NARB/RCE Design and User Manual [pdf]
  • DRAGON NARB/RCE Architecture [pdf]
  • OSCARS Web Documentation [html]


You may find and report bugs at

Mailing Lists

You may subscribe to the DCN Software Suite mailing lists with the links below:

Previous Releases

You may download previous releases of the software from our archive.

Additional Information

IDC Protocol Specification

Java API and Command-Line Clients

Control Plane Demo

Control Plane Discussions

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