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Welcome to the home page of the Internet2 Chief Innovation Office (CINO) Collaborative Innovation Community Innovation Working Groups: Internet of Things, Distributed Big Data and Analytics and End-to-End Trust & Security

In March 2015, Internet2’s new Chief Innovation Officer, Florence Hudson, asked you—our members—a very important question: Where would collaborative innovation efforts provide the most value for Internet2 members—and the world? Your answer was clear, and her initial focus was decided. Three collaborative working groups have been created to address these important areas: Internet of Things, Distributed Big Data & Analytics, and End-to-End Trust & Security. 

Each working group is led by Internet2 member representatives (with support from Internet2 staff), leverages member programs and resources, and encourages participation from the entire Internet2 community. Each group will make specific recommendations regarding scope, ensure economic viability and scalability, and clarify value to a significant segment of Internet2 membership.

Working Groups are commissioned to explore potential innovations in a topical or technical area of interest to the Internet2 community.

Monthly open teleconferences are held in various locations to develop and review draft recommendations and open source output. Special teams may be established as each group sees fit to facilitate software or service development.

Is your organization a Collaborative Innovation Community member? Why not join us and add your insights to the effort? Want to learn more about the CINO and the Collaborative Innovation Community? Check out our homepage.

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