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v1.0.0 makes several changes that will simplify future upgrades. Unfortunately, this means the upgrade from v0.9.4 to v1.0.0 will require some extra manual steps. If you are running v0.9.3 or older, make sure to upgrade to v0.9.4 first before upgrading to v1.0.0.

Relink /tmp Directory

As of Registry v1.0.0, app/tmp is a symlink to local/tmp. Create a symlink at local/tmp that points to your tmp directory.

Copy Configurations

As of Registry v1.0.0, configuration files that must be modified locally are placed under local/Config, with symlinks from app/Config pointing to them. Copy the following files from your previous installation to local/Config:

  • database.php
  • email.php
  • security.salt
  • security.seed

Web Server Authentication

If you were previously using .htaccess files to protect registry/app/webroot/auth/login, it is recommended that you move the configuration into httpd.conf to simplify future upgrades.

If you were using a custom logo, move it to local/webroot/img/logo.png.

/public Documents

If you used the previously undocumented feature to publish public documents via app/View/Pages/public, migrate these pages to local/View/Pages/public instead.

Shibboleth Embedded Discovery Service (EDS)

As of Registry v1.0.0, the EDS is no longer a Plugin, but is supported in the core code. This requires some changes:

  1. The EDS must be re-configured.
  2. The URL for the EDS has changed, and most likely your SP will need to be re-configured with the new URL.

For more information about these changes, see Configuring the Shibboleth Embedded Discovery Service Plugin.

Custom Plugins

Any custom Plugins should be moved to local/Plugin to facilitate future upgrades.

Organizational Identity Pooling

As of Registry v1.0.0, Organizational Identity Pooling is configured at setup time and cannot be changed. (For more information, see Organizational Identity Pooling.) If you wish to change your Pooling configuration, you must do it before running the Update Database Schema step (ie: running cake upgradeVersion of the upgrade instructions). If you have not previously configured Pooling, the default setting will be unpooled. Once the upgrade to v1.0.0 is complete, Pooling will be fixed at its current setting.

Note it is no longer recommended to change the Pooling setting of an operational instance, so you should most likely leave in place whatever setting you currently have.

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