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Enrollment Flows

Registry v0.9.4 implements a new underlying mechanism for how enrollment flows work. Currently, most changes are "under the hood", though these changes will enable future enhancements. (A diagram of the new process is available here.) You should be aware of the following:

  1. The entry point for enrollment flows has changed from /registry/co_petitions/add/coef:# to /registry/co_petitions/start/coef:#. If you have published links into enrollment flows, you should update these links. For now, add will redirect to start, however this is subject to change in a future release.
  2. Introduction Text now appears on a separate page, before any attributes are collected. If your Introduction Text says something like "please complete the form below", you may wish to change it to something like "please complete the form on the next page", instead.
  3. CO Petitions are now created after the start step of an enrollment flow, but before any attributes are collected. As such, you may see petitions for "New Enrollee" – these are petitions for which no attributes have yet been collected.
  4. Enrollment flows now support Plugins.
  5. The session variable is no longer set on Redirect on Submit or Redirect on Confirm. Use Enroller Plugins instead.
  6. If you are collecting Web Server Environment Variables as part of enrollment and allow new users to self-signup, you will probably need to set Petitioner Enrollment Authorization to Authenticated User in the relevant Enrollment Flows.

Data Model Changes

  1. Address line1 and line2 have been replaced with street and room. The contents of line1 and line2 will be automatically concatenated together into street as part of the upgrade processstreet will populate the LDAP street attribute via the LdapProvisioner, and room will populate roomNumber (a new attribute that may need to be enabled for export).
  2. TelephoneNumber now has additional fields: country_codearea_code, and extension. COmanage will attempt to render the telephone number in E.123 format whenever possible, including export via the LdapProvisioner.

Normalization Enabled By Default

Normalization is now enabled by default. This will affect all new COs, as well as any existing COs that had not yet set any CO Settings.

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