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members Group

Registry v0.9.3 introduces a new members groups to automatically track membership of CO People in a CO and, optionally, COUs for the CO. A group named members will be automatically managed by COmanage Registry for CO people. Likewise a members group will be automatically created and managed for each COU in the CO. The name of the COU members group will be members:COU_name and a member will be added to it when the CO Person has a CO Person Role attached to the COU. If the role is deleted for the user or the role is no longer attached to a COU then the CO Person will be automatically removed from the COU members group.

(warning) Before upgrading to version 0.9.3 you should verify that you do not currently have any CO Groups with the name members or with a name that begins with members:. If you do have groups in a CO with that name(s) you need to change the name before upgrading.

(warning) After upgrading you should force the creation of all the members groups for existing COs and COUs by browsing as the platform administrator to Groups > All Groups and clicking on Reconcile All Members Groups. You must do this once for each CO.

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