With the increased number of first order operational models managed by Registry, it is increasingly important to have a consistent language of menuing to make it easier for users to find the tasks that they need to perform.

Proposal: The primary menus split is operation versus configuration. Operational tasks should be accessible from the left side ("main") menu, either directly or with one additional click. Configuration tasks, which are performed less frequently, should be accessible via the configuration menu (under the main menu). In addition, persistent tools such as the User Panel, Search, and recent Notifications are available under a persistent top bar.

This table itemizes current (as of v3.1.0) and future operational and configurational models, and identifies the current misalignments in bold red .

  • CoPerson, CoPersonRole, and associated models
    • Enrollment and CoPetition
  • OrgIdentity, and associated models
  • Authenticator
  • CoCluster (future)
  • CoDepartment (new)
  • CoEmailList (new)
  • CoGroup
  • CoJob (new)
  • CoService Portal
  • Report (future)
  • Authenticator (new)
  • Cou
  • CoEnrollmentFlow
  • CoExpirationPolicy
  • CoExtendedAttribute
  • CoExtendedType
  • CoIdentifierAssignment
  • CoIdentifierValidator
  • CoLocalization
  • CoMessageTemplate
  • CoNavigationLink
  • CoPipeline
  • CoProvisioningTarget
  • CoSelfServicePermission
  • CoService
  • CoSetting
  • CoTermsAndConditions
  • CoTheme
  • OrgIdentitySource
  • The user panel available in the top bar provides quick access to
    • The current user's profile ("My Identity")
    • The current user's groups
    • Enrollment flows configured to appear there
    • Organizational identities associated with an active login identifier
    • Logout link
  • Global search is available from the top bar
  • Most recent Notifications are available from the top bar

1CO, not CMP level

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