To be applied as views are refreshed. 

  1. Accessible Design
    1. - in particular, UI-2 aims at WCAG 2.0 AA compliance.
  2. Intuitive Behavior / Workflow (User-centric)
    1. Rapid Feedback (eg: busy spinner on submit)
  3. Responsive Design
    1. Menus collapse on smaller screens
    2. Index views add and remove columns according to screen width
  4. Mobile / Touch Friendly
  5. Edit In Place / Minimize Page Loads
  6. Contextual Help
  7. Fully Internationalized
    1. UTF-8 Compatible (including multi-byte and right-to-left languages)

Items in italics are not yet fully developed as of COmanage v.3.0.0 which is the first full release to introduce UI-2.

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