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Systems of Record represent upstream authoritative sources of records to match. In a typical campus deployment, examples of Systems of Record would include the student system, the HR system, the alumni database, and the guest management system. Each System of Record is identified by a label used in API requests. This label should typically be a short string, such as sis or hrms.

Resolution Mode

Each System of Record has a resolution mode, which determines how potential matches (those that do not result in a canonical answer) are handled:

  • External: Resolution is handled external to the request. This is typically suitable for batch oriented requests, where the System of Record is unable to handle multiple potential responses. A unmatched record is created in the matchgrid, and a Reconciliation Manager must manually resolve the potential match.
  • Interactive: The System of Record is provided the potential candidates as part of the API response, and the System of Record must resubmit the request with the desired candidate indicated. No unmatched record is created in the matchgrid.

When connecting to COmanage Registry via Pipelines, the resolution mode must be set to External. However, when integrating via Enrollment Flows, the resolution must be set to Interactive.

Notification Email

When Match Rules generate potential matches in need of review, a System of Record-specific notification email address can be configured. This address will override any Matchgrid-wide address. For more details, see Reviewing Pending Matches.