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COmanage (not CoCoA) demo thoughts

User perspective

  1. User receives enrollment info
  2. Federated login in
  3. User fills out personal info in COmanage, esp. areas of study
  4. User goes to wiki and sees list of sites available
  5. User goes to Sympa to see what lists he is on based on areas of study info
  6. User goes back to personal info and adds new area of study
  7. User reloads wiki and sees larger list of sites available
  8. User reloads Sympa info to see additional list

PI perspective

  1. PI can add people directly to the correct authorization groups to get them access to resources
  2. PI can delegate that work


This script utilizes two roles intended to demonstrate the platform:

  1. U1: A new member of the Demo CO
  2. P1: The Demo CO Admin

The login identity or EPPN (such as or associated with each role will be referred to as a "login" for short, eg: U1 login.

The "Demo IDMS" refers to the COmanage Registry demonstration installation available at

The "Demo Directory" refers to the COmanage Directory demonstration installation available at

The "Demo Wiki" refers to the Dokuwiki demonstration installation available at

Presenter Requirements

The following must be done for each presenter once (not once per presentation):

  1. Each presenter who will perform P1 must have the organizational identity for the P1 login they will use for the demo added to or used to login to the Demo IDMS.
    1. "Organizational Identities" -> "Add a New Organizational Person"
    2. Be sure to add an email address (so the identity can be invited to MyCO).
    3. Be sure to add the EPPN as an identifier and check the "login" box so it can be used to login to the Demo IDMS.
  2. Each P1 login organizational identity must be invited to Demo.
  3. Each P1 login MyCO identity must be added to the group Demo:admin.

Pre-Demo Checklist

  1. Remove U1 login from Demo and delete the organizational identity from the Demo IDMS.
  2. Remove enrollment flows from previous demos.
  3. Delete any previous demo pages from the Demo Wiki.
  4. Delete any previous Extended Attributes

Introduction (5 min)

  1. roll call
  2. validation of sound quality
  3. review of purpose of the demo
  4. pause for questions at end of every section

COmanage Functional demo (25 min)

Closing (10 min)

  1. final questions
  2. review utility of the demo - was this useful?
  3. set up another call in 1-2 weeks to answer any questions that might have come up

Post-Demo Checklist

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