The SSH Key Authenticator plugin manages SSH Public Keys for CO People.

The SSH Key Authenticator plugin is available as of Registry v3.3.0. Prior to this version, SSH Key management is available via the CO Person canvas.


  1. This is a core plugin, and so is enabled by default.

  2. The plugin must be instantiated, via ConfigurationAuthenticatorsAdd Authenticator. Set the Plugin Type to SshKeyAuthenticator.
    1. Although the plugin can be instantiated multiple times (perhaps to group different types of SSH Keys together), typically it only needs to be instantiated once. A single instantiation can manage multiple SSH Keys for the same CO Person.

Supported File Formats

SSH Public Keys are associated with an instantiation via manual upload or the SshKey API. For manual upload, key files must be in OpenSSH format or (as of Registry v4.2.0) RFC 4716 format.

Supported Provisioners

The LDAP Provisioning Plugin supports writing SSH Key information via the ldapPublicKey object class.

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