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  • "Web services presentation of COmanage services for use by other applications, gateways, portals, etc." – COmanage COnnectors
  • Intro to VO IdM (February 2011)
  • meeting with iPlant to establish requirements, roles (February 2011)
  • Strategies For Deployment - an intro doc for new VO (February 2011)
  • meeting with LIGO to further flesh out next steps and deployment plans (February 2011)
  • COmanage source code and demo made available (March 2011)
  • new VO (GENI) brought on board (March 2011)
  • presentation at the Internet2 Spring Member Meeting (April 2011)
  • provisioning/deprovisioning meeting with the University of California system (May 2011)
  • meeting with SURFnet (July 2011)
  • new hire by LIGO for work on COmanage development and integration; meeting @ LIGO (August 2011)
  • Face-to-face meeting with LIGO Auth project team (September 2011)
  • Presentations at the Internet2 Fall Member meeting (October 2011)
  • On-site programming sprint at LIGO-Caltech (November 2011)


  • Upgrade of internal framework (CakePHP) code to current version (2.0)
  • On-site programming spring at LIGO-Caltech (March 2012)
  • demonstration of running code base at I2SMM12 (April 2012)
  • GUI finalization for the COmanage interface (modulo ongoing tweaks) (May 2012)
  • Improved support for federated access management scenarios in Grouper. Federated Subjects can be invited to membership in groups and assigned privileges - they don't need to be in a local Subject Source.
  • Improved security for application integration scenarios in Grouper. Subjects can be defined and associated with applications that access grouper to selectively limit their access to grouper data.
  • Real time provisioning of groups, memberships, and permissions is now supported in Grouper, enabling services to be ready for use immediately upon access to them being granted.
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