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Authorized users may review Pending Match Requests for their Matchgrids via the web interface at Matchgrid > Manage > Reconcile Requests. Pending Match Requests are those records submitted via an Asynchronous Match Request that resulted in a Potential Match Found response.

When an Administrator or Reconciliation Manager views a Pending Match Request, Match will recalculate the request and present the user with the current options for resolution. If the circumstances around the request change at any point during resolution (for example, bad data is cleaned up) the options presented to the user could change.

The options presented will generally include at least one existing record that could be a match. Note that certain match rules can create a potential match even when only one candidate is found. If none of the presented options are correct, the user can create a new match record (ie: assign a unique Reference Identifier) by selecting the appropriate option.

Pending Match Requests are also available via the Match API, for deployers who wish to build custom frontends.


When a Pending Match Request is generated for a System of Record configured for External resolution, Match can generate a notification to inform the Reconciliation Manager of the pending request. Notification addresses can be configured for each System of Record, or for the Matchgrid as a whole via Matchgrid Settings. If a System of Record-specific address is configured, it will take precedence over a Matchgrid-wide address.

Notification Message Template

The default message text for notifications can be replaced by creating the file $LOCAL/Template/Email/text/potential_match_id.ctp, where id is the numeric ID of the associated Matchgrid (eg: as identified in the URL /match/matchgrids/manage/x). UI based management of message templates may be supported in a future release.

The message template must generate a plaintext message (ie: HTML messages are not currently supported), but may leverage PHP code to generate the message. The following view variables are made available to the template:

  • $vv_matchgrid_id: The Matchgrid ID
  • $vv_pending_url: The URL to view the available options and to resolve the pending request

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