Aside from unit and/or frontend testing, there are specific data migration scenarios that must be tested and validated, especially where changes prevent a direct migration of data. This page is intended to document known scenarios that early testers and adopters should pay attention to.

See also: Registry Transmogrification

  1. The table cm_co_org_identity_links has been dropped along with the elimination of pooled Organizational Identities. Instead, Org Identities link directly to CO People. Transmogrification will handle this migration automatically, however care should be taken to validate that OrgIdentities that were relinked at some point transmogrified correctly.
  2. The table cm_co_extended_types has been replaced by types, and the various type fields which used to be strings are now foreign keys. Transmogrification will map existing Extended Type labels to foreign keys. Records should be validated for correct type migration.
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